Learning to Listen

Listening and hearing are different functions. Hearing is the passive ability to receive auditory information. Listening, on the other hand, involves filtering sounds, analyzing them and initiating the appropriate response. Listening is an active, refined skill set that we can actually train our brains to do better. Sound Healing Pioneer and ear expert, Dr Alfred

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Ujjayi Breath

Prana is Sanskrit meaning Breath, the breath of life, vital energy, life force. Earlier today, I asked you to notice your breath as you go about your day. You should continue noticing your breath, whenever you think of it. This is an excellent way to bring mindfulness to your day. Checking in with your breath

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Sonic Tonic: Trips#2 Vietnam, by Red Axes

Last year, Isreali duo, Red Axes flew to Africa to create one of my favorite rhythmic albums of the year, Trips#1. This year, they are back again with another trip, this time to Vietnam. An entrancing fusion of electronic beats with ethnic voices and native instrumentation from Various area of Vietnam. This music makes you

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The Principle of Entrainment

This month, we have been reviewing the concept of listening. We have practiced some deep listening exercises, focused on teaching us to listen deeply, in essence allowing the music to penetrate every cell. All of this to prepare us for receiving the medicine of music. As we begin to listen deeply to sound, we discover

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Train of thought Exercise

Have you ever watched your thoughts? Paid attention to how you form sentences? Observed how you tailor your language to suit the audience? Considered how emotions impact delivery? For the next 20 minutes, sit silently and reflect on how you form a thought. What is the process that converts thought to word? Does an idea

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Book Review: Sound Healing for Beginners

Sound+Breath+Intention= creation is the basic premise of this book

An excellent read for sound practitioners, energy healers, anyone interested in the power of sound. Particularly recommended for those interested in chanting, mantras and other forms of vocal sound healing. Beautifully written and very informative jumping off point for beginning sound healers as well as a continuation of the work done by Sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.

HistoSonics touts first-in-human study results

HistoSonics said today that its non-invasive robotics platform and novel sonic beam cancer therapy successfully destroyed 11 tumors in eight patients during its first clinical trial. The results were presented this week at the 2019 Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO) Annual Meeting in Boston. The meeting also included preclinical presentations of what HistoSonics termed promising

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