A Dream is born…

The idea behind this blog and its content has been percolating for decades in the recesses of my mind. As a young girl, music gave me comfort during turbulent times and soothed a broken heart. Throughout my life, music has been a friend, companion, confidante and so much more. Music has the power to make me feel part of something. It has the power to calm frayed nerves, to pump me up before a big day, to wind me down after a long one. It can set a mood, make a mood and break one. Music has been in my life when I have traversed the peaks and valleys a faithful companion, always available and down for whatever mood I want to create.. or eliminate.

I am not a musician but a passionate lover of all genres of music. My playlists range from classical to country to rock and roll and everything in between. Lately, I have been very interested in world music and the history music in various cultures.

I am a naturally curious, overly analytical and extremely open minded about new ideas. I reserve judgement for myself and my path has led me through various twists and turns.

I have studied psychology, sociology and business administration. Most recently, I have found myself enrolled to Berklee College of Music studying electronic music production and sound design. It is challenging and rewarding to study music after all of these years doing life the way society has told me to do it.

Now, as I enter the second half of my life, I am studying music. My personal spiritual quest has some how led me to merge all of this experience and history into studying the psychology of music for fun! This blog is my dream of finding a way to combine all of my passions into some neat little package.

Sonic Catharsis is my attempt to study music from various perspectives, through the lens of psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, medicine and much more.

I hope to discover even more things to love about music on this journey and I hope you will come along and with me and enjoy the sonic ride.

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