The Power of Sound


In this fascinating Ted talk, Ad Exec Steve Keller takes us on a little journey discovering how advertisements are used to manipulate emotions, influence behavior and even shape our perceptions.

The experiments highlighted in this video demonstrate exactly how ad execs use sound and music to manipulate our emotions and perceptions, it is quite fascinating actually.

To that end Mr. Keller challenges contends that if music has the power to manipulate our minds, emotions and moods, if we flip that theory on its head, we now have the Power to change the world. He challenges Music City to find more creative with sonic applications in not only music, but in scientific fields like healthcare, engineering and even city planning.

If music is so powerful, should we not be using it to improve our world, to curate our sonic environments and elevate our experience of the world?

Mr Keller believes that in music, we could find the power to change the world, I agree! What do you think?

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