What is Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Catharsis is my hero’s journey, my labor of love.  It seeks understanding of the existential through scholarship and experience. It seeks to bring together Science and Humanities together to form a sonic palate of spirit and medicine without the dogma of religion or politics of power.

Through my own experiences,  I have found Music and dance cathartic. Through scholarship and research, I have discovered I am not alone in my quest.

In the rich mythology of many ancient texts I have found words to support my experience.

In treasured literary works of art, and the deep existential alliteration of prose and song, the clues have been there all along. And this is where my story begins.

Sonic Catharsis seeks to discover and reveal the secrets of sacred sound.

Spirituality is my quest, like a gypsy, seeking a place to rest my head, I have sought the salve of various religions. Because I am not bound by religions dogma, my mind is free to explore the possibilities of other cultures.

Sonic Catharsis seeks to find all the clues in humanities greatest treasures and bring them forth into one body of work, where readers can choose the fuel that feeds their individual fires. Be it Science, Religion or Humanities, the great thinkers of human-kind have left pieces of the puzzle for us to find. And A treasure trove it is indeed.

Sonic Catharsis was born of a singular existential experience, which opened the doors for many more follow and each experience reveals more layers upon layers of evidence for us to unravel.

I am a rational woman, with a very scientific and analytical mind but here I seek explain to you; the un-explainable. I ask only that you follow with an open mind, and educate yourself on theories that may be outside of reason and ration for much of  the Western Mind.

You need not accept any evidence I cannot support, or any for that matter, just follow along with an open mind and allow yourself the space to consider the possibilities.

Spirituality is nothing more than man’s attempt to explain the unexplained and know the unknown. To pay reverence to nature, and all of the things that we cannot control.

This journey may challenge the very fiber of your believes, leaving you questions, wanting to understand more. If you find yourself sufficiently questioning your values, your ethics and motivations, I have done my job here.

Choose your path, as all roads lead to the same place.

Science of Sound       The Art of Sound       The History of Sound        Sacred Sound
Mine is the road less traveled.


To understand more about me and how I came upon this journey, start here.

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