Reflections on the Stairway to Heaven (part 2)

Thanks for coming back to the second installment of my series Reflections on the Stairway to Heaven. Yesterday, we looked at the structure of the song and the first verse, you can read the first post here, if you are just joining.

Today, we are starting with Verse 2 of Stairway to Heaven.

Verse 2 places us in the second chakra, on the second step on the Stairway to Heaven.

When she gets there she knows

If the stores are all closed

With a word she can get what she came for

Since we have addressed the feminine aspect already, and we have talked about the difference between knowledge (which comes from the mind) and wisdom (which is intuition) and the feminine principal is associated with Wisdom or intuition.

The feminine principal is also associated with emotions.

So, we arrive on the second step of Stairway to Heaven referring to our second chakra, the energetic center of our emotions, pleasure, intimacy and connection. Its element is water, which is also associated with emotions. So, on this second step, we are to learn the lessons of the emotions. I have already addressed this above. Part of the divine plan, or part of our manifestation on earth is to experience everything there is to experience in this human expression. Emotions, while most of us try to avoid them are a big part of this experience.

We are emotional creatures. We are built to feel things emotionally. Through art, we have learned to communicate our emotions. Because, emotions are a part of the experience. It is through the emotions, we access our creativity. The second chakra is associated with creativity. It is also the energetic center of procreation, it houses our procreative organs. It is the seat of our passions.

Yesterday, we reviewed the Magician of Tarot Tradition, and we learned the Magician card symbolizes the alchemy that occurs when all the 22 archetypes of the Tarot are combined to form one perfect human construct, as in any of the great Masters.  It represents the completion, the culmination, the consolidation of the Alpha and the Omega.

We talked briefly about the magician and we reviewed the message from Meditations on the Tarot as below:

Learn at first concentration without effort; transform work into play; make every yoke that you have accepted easy and every burden that you carry light

First, let us look at Yoke in Gaskell’s again

Yoke of Jesus- A symbol of the cheerful bearing of the troubles of life, through love a goodness of truth

When we attach ourselves to negative feelings and emotions (Or even pleasant ones) we become emotionally heavy. Again, we become too attached to our material existence, making it impossible for the spirit to flow freely through the spinal information highway.

Science is beginning to show us that negative emotions become blocked energy and blocked energy can become cancer. We are indeed determined souls, wanting to experience every single human emotion possible, it is part of the journey we chose to take when choosing our earthly existence. The challenge at hand is to become passive observers of our emotions without attaching ourselves to them or clinging to them as Buddha would tell us.

The great master Bruce Lee tells us

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or it can crash. Be like water my friend.

So on our second step, we learn to become passive observers of the emotions. To allow them to flow. Tides rise and fall and yet the ocean remains. When we calm the waters of our emotions we experience them without clinging to them.

Now, while we are on the subject of water, let’s think about some of those great big powerful rivers, carving their way through matter, building canyons and sculpting beautiful coastlines. The second chakra, we recall is also houses our creative power.

Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate Mountains and Earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness

  • Lao Tzu

Just as the alchemist turns lead into gold, the true artist, is able to perform emotional alchemy, Taking emotional experiences and turning them into art, even turning the most mundane thing that life has to offer and presenting it in a way that it becomes beautiful to its beholder. Through the integration of emotions into the creative center of the second chakra, we perform alchemy by turning the power of emotion into the power of creativity. Even the greatest of all feelings, love; manifests itself in the creation of life. It is no coincidence that the second chakra houses our reproductive organs.

So, on the second step of the stairway to Heaven, we are reminded to let our emotions flow like water through us and/or to harness the power of the emotion and using it to create something.

What do we create? First, let us consult Gaskell’s about water.

Water– The great symbol of truth or the eternal reality and source of all manifestation. Water suggests unity, absence of parts, comprehensiveness, purity, motion; also disappearance in evaporation below and outpouring from above in rain to fertilize the earth.

I imagine some of you might be confused at this point, what does this second verse have to do with water. But remember, the second step or second verse, we are using to reflect on the second chakra, the energetic center of feelings and creativity. Now let’s go back and take a look at the verse again

When she gets there she knows
If the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for

There is one word I want to look up in Gaskell’s before we go on here and that is Word.

Word – A symbol of the higher self-potential

This does not really give me what I am looking for. Let me see if I can come up with something better from anywhere else.

In the New Testament, we have the Book of John “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (John1:1)

In Ethiopian Cosmology, God is said to have created both Himself and the Universe through the utterance of his own name.

In Egypt, Thoth used words to create the universe, calling out over the waters, and “Come unto me”

Early Babylonian cosmology, the Gods mothered by Tiamat in the waters of life did not emerge as beings until they were named.

So, here we realize the Word is creative in nature.

When an idea formulates in your mind, it starts as a word, then perhaps a mental image of the word, before it becomes the action, which in turn creates.

If that sounds like a big concept to grasp, let’s break it down.

If you are thirsty, you may think first, I am thirsty, you identify the need by naming it, it is thirst. Next, you may put together a mental image for yourself, what am I thirsty for? Iced Tea! you start thinking about iced tea. It all happens in a matter of seconds and before you know it, you are standing in the kitchen pouring yourself a nice glass of iced tea. From the word comes creation.

As human beings, we may find it difficult to recognize our own true source of power, particularly when we have been trained to believe that a deity controls everything.

But, when we meditate on the process of creating or even completing an action, we can think of it creatively. I think, therefore I am. Once I form the word visually in my mind, I have begun the process of creation that electrical impulse in turn activates our motor neurons causing us to take some sort of action in order to create the word we have formed as an idea.

We already know we are looking at the feminine aspect of creation, because we have a lady buying a stairway to heaven. She knows that when she gets to the top of the stairway, if she does not find what she is looking for, she can create it with her word. “With a word she can get what she came for”

Remember, we are dealing with the second step, associated with feelings and creativity. So therefore, by the use of alchemy, we turn our emotions into gold, creating with it, and heaven on earth.

Does any of this resonate with you yet? It is a lot to digest, I have been listening to this song my entire life, released in my year of birth, this song has always resonated on some sort of spiritual plane of my existence, but until now, I have been unable to pin it down. Now, having studied all the esoteric philosophies I have read, this song takes on a new meaning for me, a deeper more occult meaning. A powerful message about our true nature as souls on earth and our ability to create our own existence within the confines of the Universal existence. (We are all co-creators and our creations must fit with all the others that is the big tapestry of the universal creation, all the co-creators fitting their creations together onto one earth)

This wisdom comes to me from years of study in religion, history, sociology, music, psychology and much more. I hope you will come back tomorrow and look at Verse 3 with me.

If you would like to read the next post, you can find it here

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