Reflections on the Stairway to Heaven (Part 3)



Welcome back, if you are just joining us for the first time, we are reviewing all the hidden esoteric meanings inside of my favorite and arguably one of the best Rock songs of all time. Stairway to Heaven. In this series, we are referencing the song lyrics with several esoteric definitions for the words used within the song, not to mention the numbers to evaluate its more esoteric meaning.

Robert Plant himself denies any such meaning, but there are too many correspondences between the song and esoteric wisdom for it to be merely coincidence. You can review my evaluation of Verse 1 and  2 of the song by starting here

If you are rejoining me, for this third installment, thanks for coming back and I am thrilled to have you back again. Let’s quickly review what we have learned meditating on Stairway to Heaven, thus far.

The song has 7 verses which we related to the 7 steps on our stairway to heaven. We also looked at the correspondences between the 7 steps and the subtle body energy centers of Eastern Traditions, called chakras.

Today, we are looking at the third Verse, or third chakra. We have another 22 note verse, which we equated to the 22 paths to heaven in occult symbolism and the 22 DNA strands.

We learned that the first, or root chakra is associated with everything material, it is the root of our existence on earth, and its energy roots us in our body and to the earth herself. The lesson we gleaned from the first step or first chakra is that we are more than our earthly existence, but we must first close of the incessant mental chatter in order to access universal wisdom. Some call this state meditation, some call it prayer, and some call it ecstasy.

Remember the analogy we used about the magnet. When we shut down the monkey mind so that we can hear the wisdom of our intuition, which comes to us through our senses (the body) and traverses through the spinal information highway to the brain, where it is mingled with emotional information, DNA information (historical experiences) all of our vast experiential information, experiences, thoughts, feelings, conversations. Everything we see and hear and feel and touch equates to data that is sorted, analyzed stored and recalled in the mind. The mind is a fantastic organ, a true supercomputer, capable of computing faster than we comprehend. We breathe, we pump blood, digest food, filter and eliminate unnecessary elements and don’t even think about it. The mind is truly a marvel.

But… it is not to Alpha and Omega. It is only part of the whole. It does not know what it does not know. Therefore, in order to access all the wisdom of history, all the wisdom stored in each strand of DNA, we must ask the thinking part of our brains to step aside. We pray, we meditate, we listen to music, we run until we get high. All of these mechanisms are an attempt to ask the mind to step aside so that we can receive the rest of our wisdom. The mind is of the EGO. The wisdom (remember this is a feminine principal, hence the “Lady who’s sure”) we are after here is from the Logos.

Let’s quickly consult Gaskell’s again:

Logos (Reason-Speech_ – A symbol of the Higher self-manifesting on the upper mental plane as a Divine outpouring of life and form, the utterance of creative energy.. The three aspects of logos are Will, Wisdom, and Action

The mind, in all of its brilliance is of the Ego. The ego’s mission is to preserve itself. Logos, however, is more encompassing, it includes the Will of the Ego, with the Wisdom of intuition. Intuition comes to us through the body, in the form of gut feelings, or perhaps the hair standing up on the back of your neck. It is knowledge without proof. It is the alchemy of the magician as he turns lead into gold (Action). Notice in the definition above the “upper mental plane” This signifies to us, that it includes wisdom which is not of the thinking mind, or intuition.

One last piece of the Logos definition from Gaskell’s – “the utterance of creative energy” we also know this as the Word.

On the second step of Stairway to Heaven, second verse, we reviewed the second chakra, energetic home to our feelings and emotions, (synonymous with water) and our creative energy.

Yesterday, I attempted to demonstrate the “word” as a creative action. Before we move on to the third verse, allow me one last chance to demonstrate the creative energy of the word.

Remember, the second chakra is the seat of our emotions. Think of something highly emotionally charged in your life. Something that really grates you, really gets your blood boiling. This is Anger. Recognize it, feel it in your body. Where does anger originate? A knot in your stomach perhaps? A kink in your neck? We each have our own way of feeling our emotions. What does anger feel like to you?

What does the mind do to generate more angry energy? Does it add fuel to the fire?

Now, let’s imagine it’s polar opposite emotion; love. What do you love deeply? A person, a place, a thing? What does love feel like in the body? Does the area of the body near your heart feel warm?

An artist, takes the physical sensation of a feeling and translates it into music or art or words. This is where we get the term humanities. Art is a physical manifestation of one artist’s interpretation of a human experience.

Whether the alchemy of our creativity involves painting, drawing, singing, composing, writing, speaking, these are all actions. Hence the third aspect of logos: Action.

The lesson on the second step of the stairway to heaven, or the second chakra is that of creativity and feelings. The alchemy of turning a feeling into something creative or destructive. Remember that each path has both positive and negative aspects and that each of us faces temptations along the hero’s journey.

If we have not completed the first step in the journey, by asking the monkey mind to step aside so that we become receptors rather than projectors, we may encounter the dangers. The danger is that a highly charged EGO uses its creative powers to preserve itself. This can be destructive to the Universal Plan.

Do you have someone in your life who is emotionally charged? A two year old is the perfect example. A two-year old is all ego! He wants what he wants and he wants it now. He will throw himself on the floor, banging his head, screaming, yelling. This is his creative energy at work. It is his ego grasping at a desire and he does not yet have the mental faculties to control this energy, so it becomes a tantrum. I know plenty of adults like this, while it might not look like a toddler throwing himself on the floor adult tantrums can be even more destructive. The emotional energy is strong in these individuals, they have palpable emotions.  But as we learned, on the first step, we must be receivers in order to control that emotional energy. We must allow the e-motion or energy in motion to flow through us without grasping it. We can examine the feeling, taste it touch it, even create with it, but we must not get attached to it. Once the Ego attaches to an emotion, the second chakra is where that emotion becomes creative energy.

This creative energy is the alchemy that allows the expression of art. The second chakra is where we experience the feelings and creativity of our humanity. Rooted to the earth by the first chakra, we are now here to fully experience life in human form. The full creative expression of these emotions is art. The full creative expression of love is procreation.

In the third verse, third chakra, third step on the stairway to Heaven, we come to a sign on the wall.

According to Gaskell’s

Sign or Symbol – An outward form subjectively selected to indicate an inward condition or the process of the Divine life in the soul of the universe

This entire essay is an evaluation of all the esoteric signs and symbols I have found in the Led Zeppelin Song, Stairway to Heaven.

Words appear to be nothing more than a way to communicate, signs and symbols are also a means of communication. The earliest languages were those of signs and symbols. However, without esoteric knowledge, signs and symbols lose their meaning.

Words can also have more than one meaning. Our very own English language resembles the very melting pot from where it was curated. It was my Latin training in Catholic School that gave me the love of etymology and researching the root words and definitions that led me to discover their esoteric symbols.  As fewer and fewer people study the ancient languages of Latin and Sanskrit, the original meanings of words becomes more and more obscure.

Therefore, when we see a sign on the wall, we need to be sure, because words often have two meanings.

To me, this is an outward, clear and present indication that we should indeed understand the correspondences in order to garner the true intent of the lyrics.

In the third step, we have the energetic center known as the Manipuri, or Sacral Chakra. It is the energetic center of the Ego. Now think about that toddler again. Remember, a toddler is all ego! When he gets the emotionally energetic charge (e-motion) in the second chakra and that energy mingles with the ego in the third chakra, we get the outburst known as a tantrum.

The element associated with the third chakra is Fire. It is the energy of the Will. It is truly our Will power or power of our Will. The Will is of the Ego. Depending on the fire in our belly (willpower) the waters of the second chakra will either cool the flame of the ego, allowing us the willpower to be creative vs destructive, or, the flame of the ego will devour the emotional charge, causing steam… Think of an erupting volcano, pent up emotional energy spewing its will about, destroying everything in its wake. This is a clear demonstration of the untamed ego erupting in emotion.

Willpower is the director of our free will. It is where the rubber meets the road if you will. It is the means of action.

Now we have another piece of the puzzle. In our first lesson, we learned that the true wisdom of being human comes from being present in the moment, in our body and asking the monkey mind to step aside. In the second lesson, we recall that part of human existence, part of experiencing all that there is to experience as a human, is the feelings that come to us. We remember the element of water and Bruce Lee reminding us to be like water. In other words, we are meant to experience the vast array of human emotions, but we are not meant to cling to them. We are meant to experience them, so that our monkey minds can integrate all the information and knowledge to form its perception of the human experience. However, our existence on the human plane is not all that there is, and true wisdom comes from an inner knowing, one that may not be able to pass the proof test of our sensory organs, but we know these truths deeply to be true, even if we cannot explain it. (Faith in one’s religion could be categorized here.) In order for us to receive the wisdom that is available to us, through DNA (All of the knowledge of our ancestors), sensory perception (All of the things we see, taste, touch, smell and hear) all of our previously integrated feelings and emotions and those of every other soul that exists and has ever existed (Akashic records) we have to stop thinking.

We already highlighted how magical the human brain is. It is a true wonder. It is a super computer. But remember, there is more to it that it even realizes. We don’t think about breathing, creating new blood cells, filtering, pumping, fighting infection, etc., but it still happens. This shows us that there is more to us then our monkey mind perceives.

Have you ever talked to one of those automated customer service things? I usually find myself punching “0” a hundred times or saying something like, “Let me talk to a human, please” Artificial intelligence is a fantastic invention, but it’s sort of like the monkey brain. It does not know what it doesn’t know.

In order to be efficient, it lumps things together, and categorizes them in its own assessment of like and different. But not everything is black or white. Not everything fits efficiently into the categories it has assigned.  This is why we must ask it to step aside. We are not looking for monkey mind’s kind of knowledge on the first step, we are looking for Logos, the Magic, and the integration of all the combined knowledge. It does not fit into monkey mind’s categories.

Our Lady on the stairway to heaven knows this, so she sees a sign, her EGO mind recognizes a sign on the wall, so she wants some verification to be sure.

She understands (Because she symbolizes Wisdom or inner knowing, intuition) words can have two meanings.

I previously talked at length about the etymology of the word sound, which perfectly demonstrates words having more than one meaning.

The third step on the stairway to heaven, or the third verse in the stairway to heaven can be associated with our third chakra. The seat of our will. Where our monkey brain Ego mingles with our gut feelings or intuition and our feelings, which we picked up on the second step. But our lady still wants to be certain she is on the right path.

There’s a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings

Are you still with me? Can you see the correspondences as clearly as I? I would love to hear your feedback! Does any of this resonate with you? Do you see any correspondences I missed so far?

Join me tomorrow as I try to express all of the hidden meanings I find in this powerful song!

In this series I have quoted a few of my very favorite references. If you are interested in researching more for yourself, I highly recommend you grab your own copy.
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