Reflections on the Stairway to Heaven (part 6)

Welcome back, if this is your first visit, I recommend you start here, with the first post in the installment and get caught up.

Yesterday, I gave you a lot of information to digest and reflect upon. So, let’s jump right back in where we left off.

We left off looking to the eastern and esoteric traditions for information. We do so with monkey mind riding shotgun, or better yet, in the back seat, where he can sit back and enjoy the view without backseat driving. The West also asks us to reflect on our greedy, materialistic Ego-Driven desires, so let us throw them in the backseat as well. Now by the brook (water, emotions) we find the tree where a song bird asks us once again to reflect on everything else, in the previous lessons. We have to have all the lessons mastered before we can move forward in our understanding and the hermit asks us to turn inward for our answers.

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west,

And my spirit is crying for leaving.

In my thoughts I have seen
Rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those who standing looking

Ooh, it makes me wonder
Ooh, it really makes me wonder

“In my thoughts I have seen, rings of smoke through the trees” could be those beautiful glimpses at Truth and wisdom we find in meditation (Whatever form that takes for us, music, meditation, running, yoga etc.) and silence. The voices, in my interpretation are those things which lead us to the Truth, all of the symbols and synchronicities in our lives. (Such as my draw to this song, since a very early age.) The Voices of those who stand looking also brings to mind, the hermits who stand looking, with their light and their staff. They have the answers to the questions, but remember, the fool’s journey is a solo one and you can lead a horse good to water, but you cannot force him to drink.

When we catch glimpses of true wisdom, sometimes, it makes us just curious enough, we wonder just enough to seek more, to look a little deeper, and to experience a little more, just another taste. Like a drug, it begs us our attention. Or it does not.

Speaking of drugs, I believe that nature has given us several mechanisms in her fruit that could classify as a smoke ring. Some plants offer us a smoke ring, but it truly is only a smoke ring, a taste of wisdom. Many artists of the sixties were enticed by these smoke rings and down the rabbit hole they crashed, because they were not ready for the lessons. The steps had not been complete.

Drugs can enlighten and darken, the dangers of each step along the way are very real. We must recognize a smoke screen as like an appetizer, an invitation onto the hero’s journey. There are many other ways people catch glimpses of their true power; a mother who can lift a car off of her toddler’s body for example. Certainly, adrenaline gave her the strength, but divine wisdom was necessary to activate such powers, faith in herself and abilities to lift a car on her own was required for a split second. But, she also had to have the unselfish love for her child which enabled her to pass beyond the merely physical realms.

The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot, is a time to choose, symbolized by The Rings of Smoke through the trees.”

It is time to take all the wisdom of the previous lessons and decide for ourselves if we continue on the journey or not. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

We must choose here the path of the Ego-driven by the lower emotions, or we can choose here to follow the path of the spirit, the path of universal one-ness and love. The smoke screen is the call to action. The willpower already in place on the third step, we must now mingle it with our power to create words in the throat chakra.

As long as our motives of creation are ego driven, we will remain unbalanced. Attempting to use the powers of magic and alchemy in this first of the upper chakras, we must have mastered all of the lessons contained before. Attempts to manifest magic at this level will fail, because divine law prevails.  Please refer back to all previous lessons to assist you in understanding what I mean here.

The Strength card in Tarot symbolizes this drive to follow the right path and the strength to persevere in our decisions, this is will power. So, if we use our willpower towards divine laws, we will have the strength of character to maintain our wisdom, despite external distractions and influence.

The East (opposite the Ego-driven West) is also associated with the third chakra in the medicine wheel.

East by the way, according to Gaskell’s

MAGI From the East – A symbol of those qualities which are enlightened intellectually.

So let us reflect on everything we have learned thus far. We must have lived accordingly in order to enter the gates of heaven. The stairway to heaven has invited us to explore the wisdom of her lessons. Within it, we have discovered Tarot and esoteric worlds, which we must approach with an open mind and spirit of wonder. We must put the ego-driven monkey mind in the passenger side. Its job is to sit back and enjoy the show and take it all in. Its job is to analyze and process and everything else that it does so wonderfully. Its job is to make the connections between all the information it already has and all the information that it does not even know that it doesn’t know. When we meditate, we open up the channels for the information to flow. We flip the magnet, making it a receiver of information. Its job is not to create new things. Its job is to file and read and store and analyze. Its job is not the final authority. It is simply one of the advisers. In the first chakra, we picked up another passenger, the body and its connection to the earth. It is what grounds us. It governs our fight of flight responses, it operates on sensory organs, including ones the monkey mind doesn’t really think about, like our skin and hair and all the vibrational information it is constantly picking up. (Think of a dog when it walks outside, constantly sniffing and smelling and putting its nose everywhere.  He is of lower mind, in that he only has these faculties at his disposal. But he knows more about them then we do. Think about how his hair stand on edge, when he feels danger. Our bodies do the same thing, if we pay attention. Monkey mind however, thinks he knows best and thinks he is more important than the sensory mind, but now, on this journey, we know better! Next, we picked up our intuitive mind, our intuition and put him in the vehicle too. (Our body by the way, would be the vehicle, so technically, sensory mind is part of the ride) So the sensory mind is not the driver, but the body is the vehicle and it has an entire electrical system of its own. Step two, we are invited to reflect on the next passenger, the emotional body or mind. Here we are invited to reflect on our attachments and importance we place on things, because our attachments when grasped become physical things. This is why the old warning, be careful what you wish for applies here. Because what you value most as we have learned is where we find our heart. If our heart is pure, as we will be reminded later, we will be granted access to additional information (passengers, higher emotions, powers, magic, heaven, the power to manifest). The prayers we formulate with our emotions become e-motion, energy in motion and have the power to attract and repel depending on which way our magnet is pointed. (Remember all of our previous lessons thus far and note that I always choose my words carefully) The masculine and feminine principals have been most unfortunately mis-interpreted throughout history. One who is fluent perhaps in conjugating verbs in the romance language probably can glean a lot of information here about the masculine and feminine principals and the idea of a magnet. We have to put monkey brain in the passenger side and allow emotional wisdom to flow without grasping it. This is a feminine principal, that of a bowl. We need to receive information and in order to do that, monkey brain cannot be in the driver’s seat. He must merely be an observer and analyst of all the other advisers. When we allow our e-motion to fuel us, we have thus put it in the driver’s seat, and here we are invited to be like water and to let it flow through us without grasping at anything it shows us. When we do so, we thus arrive at the third step, where we are invite our true intuitive wisdom. This wisdom contains all the information from step one and two. Our gut instinct fuels our will power. But, if we are clinging to any of the previous wisdoms, for example, holding on to an emotion, thus trapping it in the physical form and rendering it useless as fuel and in the long run, trapped emotional energy becomes harmful. If allowed to flow however, when combined with all the wisdom of the gut (where it gets information from the body, the soil, the food you take in) and all the information from the vehicle itself (such as temperature, respiration, fuel consumption, energy stores, heart rate, etc.) and the information it receives through the second passenger, the emotional energy, it all assimilates as it rises to the next level. But if we cling to anything at all before it, we have not completed the lesson and therefore our manifestation efforts will be unsuccessful because we have missed something along the way (in the lesson) or perhaps more appropriately we held captive one of our emotional passengers. (The term road rage never felt as appropriately applied as it does here.)

When we arrive at the heart chakra, or the fourth step, we are invited to review again everything that has come before, because these lessons build on one another.

If we are to manifest our dreams, thus heaven on earth, it is essential to our manifestation powers that we truly grasp these concepts.

Our song bird has asked us to catch a glimpse of a smoke ring and to see the forest through the trees. You cannot manifest on a higher level if you are still ego-driven.

Regardless of your dogma or tradition, I believe humanity can mostly agree on a certain standard of morals and ethics we should all abide by. Perhaps at least the Ten Commandments, which are understood by many of the larger faiths, is your guide, perhaps the 7 mortal sins and 7 virtues. Whatever your North Star is, your compass, your guiding light, as humans, there are certainly things where we may all find common ground. That is where our conversations of peace begin. When with an open mind, we see past the dogma of popular society, past the ritual, past the pride, we can find common ground in humanity. This is where we begin, human to human. Better yet, being to being. We begin here, with the idea of oneness. When the conversation begins here, with our sameness, we can see a brighter future, by building on what we have in common. Perhaps if we are not ready yet to embrace our vastness of culture. But, if my history serves me correctly, it is with this spirit of wonder, this freedom to be, to express, to tolerate is what my country was reportedly founded upon. I can’t help but look to the West and get a feeling myself…

And it makes me wonder

Up until now, we have been reviewing the lower chakra systems (first 4) which in this case, equate well to the first 4 verses of Stairway to Heaven. That’s right! The highly regarded world famous Led Zeppelin Song, Stairway to Heaven.

To summarize the first 4 steps in as few words as possible. Thus far, we have learned to meditate or quiet the mind, to let our feelings flow through us like water without attachment. We have also learned that our monkey mind is not the driver of our vehicle, merely a very necessary, very intelligent analytical passenger who needs to be present to observe all the information provided by all the other passengers in our vehicle, but should not get to make the decisions.

This is such a monumental task to accept for the monkey mind, as he has always thought he was in control. But he is not. While he controls the flow of information coming in and out of the vehicle (The body), there are actually some very superior information gathering systems involved with the other passengers. We have intuition, DNA and our physiological capacities, as well as all the information of all time available to us, if we learn to listen. This becomes our life long task then, to recognize the input of all the other passengers before allowing our monkey minds to come to any final conclusions on their own.

We also learned in the 4th, or heart chakra that the primary emotion is Love and Love along with all of its associated emotions, (such as joy, happiness, charity, compassion, empathy) provides us with a single answer to all the questions we seek clarification on. We have been invited to review all the previous steps multiple times until we grasp this one thing. Love is always the answer.

Let’s jump back in with the Throat chakra now, as I am assured we have arrived there, when reading this next verse.

And it’s whispered that soon, If we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason

And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will echo with laughter

In the 4th verse, we entered the heart chakra, where we see the promise of the new age dawning, one of reason. Remember in occult traditions that Reason refers to truth, justice, balance, equality for all, these are virtues of the heart.

Yesterday, I shared a little story about the drum and the feather. I always tell my children when they are struggling to solve a problem, to listen for the feather, as the feather has all the answers. The drum is popular opinion and the EGO and its sole purpose is its very own survival. But we are greater than the sum of our parts, and as we have already learned monkey mind, is the drum, the Ego is the drum. When we learn to put the Ego in the passenger seat, we make room for the feather to make an appearance. The feather symbolizes the quiet wisdom that comes from within… the feather.

In our next verse, Robert Plant talks of a whisper that announces, soon the piper will lead us to reason, if we all call the tune.

What is this mysterious tune and who is the piper?

So much has been jammed into the lyrics of this song already, but clearly there are more hidden meanings among its messages for us to discover.

The whisper for me, symbolizes the feather, that much more quiet guidance internal guidance system we have. Think of the GPS in your car, it mostly gives accurate directions if we are paying attention. Likely, we often have the radio blaring at the same time, and so we don’t pay attention to the GPS while we are singing along to the radio. The voice of the GPS quietly states, turn right, but we are busy jamming out to the guitar solo we hear on the stereo, and we don’t hear her tell us to turn. Your EGO in this scenario could be the Radio, it keeps us occupied, keeps us company, a great passenger. But sometimes, we don’t know where we are going. Perhaps we are on a road trip, on some new adventure, going to places we have never been! Like the GPS in our car, our internal guidance system is providing us direction, but it is not as forceful as the radio, it is not even that interesting, but in order for us to get where we are going, the GPS is necessary. The GPS system gives us guidance whether we listen or not, pay attention or not, or choose to adhere to its directions.

Remember, that monkey mind, thinks it knows everything already, but it is merely an advisor. We simply do not know what we do not know. But, all the information of our ancestors, all the information about our physical homeostasis, all the information about the scents, sounds, lights and vibrations of our current location are available to us in the form of intuitive guidance. We simply have not fine-tuned our listening abilities yet, because, we probably still think monkey mind is in the driver’s seat.

I know this is a lot to cling to, but I am 100% certain of this simple fact. Recall our dog walking trip from an early lesson. The dog’s mind, in some ways is actually superior to ours. He knows there is valuable information contained in a smell. Take any pet into a new place and you will watch as he explores it with his nose.

I suppose this does not make him superior. My point here is, his ability to glean information from a scent is much more cultivated than ours. But, do not fret, we have access to this same kind of information, through our own intuition. Our gut feelings are most often correct. Intuitive wisdom is always there to guide us if we pay attention. It is a skill that can be cultivated over time.  Many humans have cultivated their intuition. Some can hear, some can see, some can feel things that are outside of regular human perceptive abilities. Perhaps we label them as weirdos, witches, and freaks. Or maybe we call them psychics or seers. The truth is, we all have this wisdom available to us, if we choose to listen to it.

Several humans have mastered all of their abilities in the human plane. Whether you revere their works as miracles or magic, these were merely human beings who understood the lessons contained in each chakra. When we approach lessons in history, be the art or religion or science, we have seen these powers advance civilizations. We have also seen those who have mastered their powers for their own egotistical gains as well. Remember with wisdom comes responsibility and having mastered all of the steps along the way does not guarantee we are guided by a moral compass.

This is why in the 4th step, or heart chakra, we are reminded that if we want access to heaven (Contained in the 3 higher energy centers, which we have just entered in verse 5) we have to be guided by a moral compass.

So back to our song, the whisper is telling us, that if we all call the tune, the piper will lead us to reason. The whisper then, is our intuition, or that of the greater good. If you are Christian, you can think of the whisper as God’s promise to his children that peace will prevail.

What is a piper? As a catholic girl, growing up in the seventies, I was curious about this piper. Was he really demonic? This song was such a spiritual song, it made me feel good, how could this piper they sing about be bad?

In the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, legend tells us of a piper (flute player) (pied describes his multi-colored clothing). The piper was hired by the town to lure the rats away with his magic pipe. When the town refused to pay him, he used his pipe to lure their children away instead.

We could have an entire philosophical discussion about this story itself. Was the piper good or bad? Was he justified in luring the children away? What of the pipe, music lured the children away essentially, and now, the piper on the stairway is the one that will lead us to reason. Are we the children? Whose children? God’s children? Children are always happy when they dance and listen to music? This story dates back to the middle ages, as far as I know. This was a very dark period for the arts as far as I am concerned. I invite you to review historical facts regarding the separation between the sciences and humanities. Suffice it to say, esoteric traditions were passed down orally in order to keep people safe. Religious freedom is something we should not take for granted. However, as time passes, and ancient esoteric symbols revealed, we can see many artists with knowledge in esoteric wisdom have embedded their symbols in their works for us to discover again, when we are ready.

For me, the piper symbolizes that music holds the key to liberation. This is a message of hope. You may choose your faith to cling to, or you may choose love to cling to, which ever morals you choose, this message is one of hope.

I don’t want to gloss over that first fact. Music holds a key to liberation. There are many paths to heaven, some believe there are 22. I found the Holy Grail in music. For me, music holds all the answers.

As someone with a Christian upbringing, I find myself relating this message to the one in revelations. I invite you to reflect on this message and find a meaning that works for you.

Universal Love and Peace is always the final answer to all questions. Of this, I have no doubt. When more of us sing this message of peace and love and acceptance, the frequency will gain momentum, allowing others to hear it and to join in its message.

My intention is to come back to this post at a later time and add some really fascinating research about sound and sonic entrainment, the effects of sound on crystals and water and some interesting research on frequencies and feelings, but if I do it now, it will easily side track me from the task at hand.

To hear the inner guidance system however, we must still the monkey mind. Hence the reason he is in the passenger seat.

If we go onto the next verse, we continue this message of revelations:

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
Don’t be alarmed now
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen

A bustle, according to the dictionary is, excited activity and movement, or movement in an energetic or noisy manner.

A Hedgerow is a hedge of wild shrubs and trees typically bordering a road or field. In the US, I often hear them called bushes.

In many religious traditions, spring provides an opportunity for cleansing and renewal. In particular, May Day provides those of Pagan tradition an opportunity to freely express themselves. (Which we do by the way, through the throat chakra)

This verse also brings me back to lessons within Revelations. I invite you to reflect on the similarities in the message.

Here we are reminded to purify (remember we cannot bring forth any attached emotions from the lower chakras, if we wish to be effective in communicating our message. The May Queen brings our mind to spring, where we have renewal and change, as the flowers begin blooming for the season.

Spring comes after winter. In the winter, we are invited like the Hermit to go in and reflect, to identify and reflect on our true values.  What are we clinging to? What are we holding on to that no longer serves us? (Any of this sound familiar?)

In spring, we begin our spring cleaning, letting go of anything we no longer need, and tidying up the things we really care about. Out with the old to make room for the new. (Harvest comes in the fall).

Spring is the season when all the dead trees and plants and flowers come out of their cocoons to greet us with their splendor.

There is some controversy over the “Back masking” of lyrics in this verse. I believe this is intentional. Remember that if we have not completed all of the tasks in the previous lessons we will be unsuccessful in our attempts to transcend. Tomorrow, the next verse will make this a little clearer.

In the meantime, I invite you to do some of your own Spring Cleaning. Review the previous lessons, what are you holding on to? (Grudges, anger, fear, depression, rage, sadness, guilt).

Two frequencies cannot exist in the same place at the same time. If you are holding on to any of the negative emotions, you have not made room for the divine passenger that is permitted to join us at this stage of the journey.

The fifth chakra, or throat chakra invites us to evaluate all of our previous lessons. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Before I go, I want to leave you with one more thought to simmer:

Have you ever heard a famous artist speak of their muse? Have you ever heard a writer talk about channeling a message? Have you ever read a quote that went something like this? “I am merely God’s instrument” As we are reviewing the throat chakra, I am struck by the idea of muses here. So before we go, let’s consult Gaskell’s about Muse

Muses- Symbols of the buddhic emotions, intuitions and faculties, centered in the higher self.

White Muse – A symbol of wisdom or intuition, pure and spotless from the buddhic plane.

And it indeed, does make me wonder….


If you are still with me, I am humbled and honored to have you along on this journey with me and I hope if nothing else, you remain at least entertained by my rambling.

Have you actually reflected on the song? Have you gone back and listened to it since starting this series with me? Do any of my ramblings resonate with you? Please, my muse continues to call me in this direction, but your feedback provides me fuel. I would love to hear your comments! Please be nice! I know some of this sound incredibly outlandish to many of you. I have come to terms with that fact about myself. If it resonates with you, I would love to hear your thoughts. If it does not, I would also love to hear your perspective, just be kind and constructive please, mine is a gentle path.

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on

And it makes me wonder

At the end of yesterday’s post, I talked about some of the controversy involving the “back masking” or reversed speech in some of the verse, which some feel reveals Satan. Perhaps, in a way this is true. For me this reversed speech gives us the feeling that there are alternatives. There are two paths and Robert Plant tells us as much above.

We have a choice, we can choose either path; the path of love and freedom or the path of ego and temptation but we have the option to change roads at any time, it is simply a matter of choice.

The energy of the throat chakra reminds us that if we have lived a moral life thus far, without clinging to emotions and material things, we can gain our muse, if you will in the throat chakra. This access to additional creativity is only granted if we are pure (Love). If we have made room in our vehicle (the body) and asked our monkey mind (EGO) to sit in the passenger seat. If we are clinging to something, and not allowing the energy to flow, it becomes trapped in the body and therefore it cannot be released in the form of creativity at the throat chakra. We have held our feelings hostage and so they are not free to use as creative force.

There are two paths, we are free to choose either. We may choose the road full of temptations and the way things have always been done, and following someone else’s dream, or we can choose to march to our own drum as they say, although I prefer marching to my own feather.

Our souls want to experience human emotions. They are necessary part of humanity. We want to know that the stove is hot, by using our own hands. There is nothing wrong with this experiential learning because it provides us with invaluable data. Monkey mind loves data.

The ideas of this verse can be associated with Temperance and Temptation cards in a Tarot deck. The throat is where the pearly gates of heaven lie. Where we either get through or we don’t. Meaning either we live by our true heart’s path or we don’t. This can mean different things to different people and involves our own true desires and wishes and of course how we desire to get these things and or course, our morals. I am not in the business of feeding morals to anyone, except perhaps my sons, but each of us has our own North Star to follow.

Regardless of your dogma, Religion, Race, Color, Sex, Creed, political affiliation or any other of the myriad ways we divide ourselves. If we begin here, with our humanity, we can always find common ground.

When more of us speak this message of truth, the frequency becomes stronger, allowing for others to follow the message of light for themselves. This may mean changing some of the beliefs formed at our very core. In order to do this successfully, we must have an open mind, and open heart and the curiosity and wonder of a child. Because children do not have formed opinions the way we adults do. I am not asking you to give up any thing you believe here. Merely put your beliefs in the passenger side with your ego, and let some of the other advisers have a chance to be heard.

Personally, once I allowed myself to view other beliefs with a spirit of wonder and inquiry, I actually found some that resonated with me on a very deep level. Some of these shook the very foundation of my childhood to the core. But, finding my true voice and formulating my own assessment of what is true wisdom has been liberating for me in various profound ways. I invite you to see for yourself.

It does not matter which road you are on, you can always change at any time. The choice is always yours. The gifts and or consequences of each path remain, regardless of which choice you make.

I invite you to read/review Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, before you reflect on this.


Your head is humming and it won’t go
In case you don’t know
The piper’s calling you to join him
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow
And did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind

The monkey mind is strong and loud (drum). He talks constantly.

But the path to freedom is always calling, the GPS is always giving us directions, whether we listen or not

Remember the lady, signifies intuitive wisdom (As does the piper)

Of course, I suspect what the wind symbolizes here, but let’s consult Gaskell’s to be sure:

Wind, (Word, Spirit, Breath, Marut)- Symbols of emanation, to which the forth pouring from the Absolute is comparable. Otherwise “Wind” is a symbol of Spirit energizing on the mental plane

Yes, wind is also wisdom and as we have already learned, wisdom whispers, it is the feather, not the drum. Intuition is quieter than Ego but, I assure you, once you understand how to listen to her, her whisper becomes stronger and more recognizable.

We have arrived onto our 6th step where we meet our third eye chakra. The symbol of the third eye is everywhere, it even appears on our American money. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as the gifts of spiritual contemplation and self-reflection. Yes, we have contemplated on every step of the journey, but it is here that we start to see correspondences. This means, we have activated the parts of our brain that recognize all these esoteric symbols. We start to see them everywhere! We recognize them in song and music and art and movies and in historical architecture.

Like I said when we arrived at the throat chakra (the first of the higher energy centers) if you do not yet grasp the previous lessons yet, you may not be following me here. I assure you, when you get it, you will get it. Monkey mind is still in the way.

Your stairway to heaven lies on the whispering wind. Click here to visit the final post in the series

In this series I have quoted a few of my very favorite references. If you are interested in researching more for yourself, I highly recommend you grab your own copy.
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