Effects of Sound on Water

This week, we are exploring the effects of sound on both the body and the environment while considering the science; The earth surface is covered in water, approx 71% according to USGS and the human body is virtually 60% water.

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Let’s take this a step farther today and look at some other sounds. 30 years ago, Masuro Emoto used photography to show us the effect of different words on the formation of water crystals. His water crystal photography showed us that water reacts to any vibrations by forming in different designs. His research asserted that “water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness”  In his book, The hidden messages in water,  he shows us how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

In Water Crystal Healing, he uses music &  captivating water-crystal photographs to demonstrate how with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone and melody we can correct distorted frequencies within the cells of our bodies. In this amazing collection of photographs, he presents his us with a compelling collection of research asserting the many possible benefits that can be experienced with the right collection of sounds.

In this video, by You are Creators video, you can see some of the amazing photographs and the words or sounds used to stimulate their creation.

When Dr. Emoto became a grandparent, using his research, he turned his life’s mission to one of promoting Peace on Earth. His amazing journey sadly ended in 2014, but in many ways, his research has only just touched the surface. Inspired by his work, many of the authors in my own research have referenced his amazing research and photography.

My own interest in the power of music to heal old emotional wounds is what led me to his research. I am driven to share this powerful research and to emphasize the importance of an earnest reflection upon its messages.

My intention with this blog is to compel you to consider what these authors and researchers are really saying. Words and sounds are powerful. For many of us the old childhood rhyme about sticks and stones could not be farther from the truth. Words are essentially manifesting forces of energy that create the frequency of the vibration behind them. As I move forward with this blog, I hope to present enough scientific evidence, enough research, to consider deeply the impact so that your mental barriers of monkey mind can be put to ease long enough for you to actually experience for yourself some of the modalities of sonic catharsis.

Are you compelled? Does this make you think about the music and words we surround ourselves with? Sound is powerful, we have only just touched the surface. I hope you will continue to follow me as I try to pull together as much research as I can.

I highly recommend you check out Dr Emoto’s photography and research for yourself.Water-crystalsdr


For more information, check out some of his research for yourself to learn more!

Some believe through observing nature we can learn all the secrets of the universe. Dr Emoto certainly believed so, he believed water to be a powerful messenger and healer. I certainly agree that Dr Emoto’s water research does deliver a powerful message, but I assert that the healing power lies not in the water, but the sound. What do you think?

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