Singing catharsis

Recently, I introduced the idea of toning or using vocalizations to move stagnant energy and ultimately provide pain relief, stress relief and improve several biological markers.

Anyone can use toning, just as we use electricity. There are natural channels in the energy of our body, and if we recognize and learn to flow with them, they will keep us healthy

Laurel Elizabeth Keys

Sufism is an ancient, occult Islamic sect noted for religious tolerance and a deeply held regard for the power of sound and music. The Sufi view is that illness is a form of biological disharmony and the Sufis are deeply immersed in examining sound and music and their effects on the body and mind.

One early Sufi technique was to chant a single tone for a sustained period of time while monitoring subsequent psychological response. The Sufi order has long held the belief in the connection between the mind and body and perceive sound as Food for the Soul.

Sound is nothing less than Ghiza-I-ruh or Food for the Soul, not only the existence of our physical body but also that of our thoughts and feelings are dependent on the laws of vibration

Those who are able to hear the saut-e-sarmad (The music of life) and meditate on it relieved from all worries, anxieties, sorrows, fears and diseases and the soul is freed from captivity in the senses and physical body.

Hazrat Inayat Khan- The Music of Life

To the Sufis, singing is prana- the breath of life and the most potent healing modality

Singing allows is the opportunity to exercise our breath and simultaneously become our own instrument of self expression.. the voice can be a healing tool for both the body and the mind. The throat becomes a physical and symbolic bridge between the head and heart. Singing cab become a way of developing a relationship between the mind and the emotions.

Lisa Sokolov-New York City Music Therapist

In his book, Sounds of Healing, Author and Physician Mitchell Gaynor encourages us to discover our own voice, through the use of singing. Sing in the shower, Sing in the car, sing as you walk through forest, sing to the ocean, sing as you hike a mountain trail. Sing Sing Sing until you give voice to anything and everything that needs a voice and resides within.

Allow the breath to move into your pain, be it psychological or physiological in nature and allow that voice to be heard. Let it out, scream sing, howl hoot, click, cluck, dollar.

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