Woah, is sound all that?

In Jonathan Goldman’s book, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, the author tries to describe what it would take to be a true expert of sound. He maintains that in order to fully comprehend sound and its many benefits as a healing tool, one would need to be proficient in all of the following professions:

Physician - understanding the mechanism of the body
Physicist - understanding the mechanism of energy
Psychologist - Understanding the process of behavior
Psychoacoustician - Understanding the effects of sound on the brain
Audiologist - Understanding the mechanism of the ear and hearing
Acupuncturist - Understanding of oriental medicine
Ethnomusicologist - Understanding the ethnic history and origins of music
Mathematician - Understand the mathematics of music
Philosopher - Understanding the concepts behind music’s creation and use
Linguist - Understanding the various aspects of languages 
Neurologist - Understanding the mechanisms of the nervous system and brain
Electrical Engineer - Understanding the building of instrumentation
Magician - Understanding the use of chants and magical formula
A healer trained in all traditions, including chakras, bioenergy and etheric fields
A shaman able to induce and travel to different states of consciousness
A musician trained on many instruments, able to read music and improvise
An expert trained on the esoteric, mysticism and other spiritual subjects
A vocalist - able to create all techniques of singing, chanting and toning

I tend to agree with most of these and  would probably add a few to the list myself. What do you think? Do you agree that in order to fully understand the healing powers of sound, we must be essentially a jack of all trades? Do we need to understand the science, psychology, spirituality and history of sound to appreciate all of its benefits?

As a sound healer, I find it necessary to understand the history of sound and music, the science behind the technology, the biological, psychological and spiritual implications of resonance and entrainment. Since sound has been used as a healing modality, long before we had the intelligence to dispute it. Shamans and spiritual healers of all faiths have incorporated sound into their healing practices, even without the scientific, peer reviewed research to define it. Additionally sound has been used in esoteric practices and transferred by mere oral tradition to ensure its transference from generation to generation. What do you think about sound? Do you think it is necessary to understand it as an energetic entity? Is it important to understand the history? Would you add anything else to the list?

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