Book Review: The Yoga of Sound

The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant by Russill Paul

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This is a comprehensive introduction to the Yoga of Sound and makes for excellent reference material for anyone interested in the healing and or spiritual aspects of sound. Paul does a fantastic job of making some complicated technical terms and ideas accessible to the masses and his book provides a vast overview of the varies types of sound yoga, broken down into easily digestible sections.

In the first Part, Paul breaks down the basic concepts, introducing them from a historical and spiritual perspective.

Part 2 explores the Mantra as a healing tool and

Part three introduces the tradition of sound yoga, broken into the four major streams of sacred sound, Shabda yoga, Shakti Yoga, Bhava Yoga and Nada yoga.

In Part 4 introduces the practice of Sound Yoga; breaking it down into five distinct, but necessary focal points; Posture, breath, Sound, Movement and Consciousness.

Finally, Paul shows us in part 5 how to integrate Sound yoga into our daily lives and provides a hearty Appendix of Sample Mantras in the Shabda, Shakti, Bhava and Nada traditions.

In my opinion, for anyone interested in sound healing, this is an excellent and detailed jumping off point to explore. The information is accessible and informative. The second half of the book is quite detailed and the average reader may find it difficult to finish.

Readers entirely interested in integrating the practice of Sound yoga into daily living or who are looking for detailed instructions on the practice will find the second half of the book valuable, while other readers, just interested in the topic from a knowledge or research perspective may find the second part tedious.

This book is highly recommended reference material for anyone interested in the practice of Sound Healing, Sound Spirituality or Sonic Meditation practice. Fans of Yoga, particularly those interested in Sound Yoga (Shabda or Vedic mantras, Tantric Yoga, Bhakti or devotional mantras from the Bhava Yoga tradition or Nada Yoga) will find this very detailed little book extremely beneficial.

The book comes with a 45-minute companion CD which contains 21 tracks, Paul provides very detailed guidance on the correct pronunciation of the Mantras, the songs in the CD are very relaxing and meditative.

If you are interested in listening to some of the music recommended by the book, you can listen to it on spotify.

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