Book Review: Sound Healing with the Five Elements by Daniel Perret

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Sound Healing with the Five Elements by Daniel Perret
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This is a decent little book that introduces the reader to the instruments of sound healing and a methodology inspired by the Five elements: (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) While I have never seen the delivered quite this way, but the information was not new to me. It was inspiring in a way that helped me connect the dots… when water is still, it turns rancid, it needs the element of movement. When fire is out of control, we use earth to contain it or water to turn it into steam. This book offers you a way to tap into your own imagination and use the elements in your sonic healing practice. It emphasizes the wholeness or wellness of the healer as well as the ability of the healer to reach into their intuitive guides and allow the music to muse you, to move you. Improvise and let if flow.

I did not get as much information from the book as I had hoped, something new, or something I had not heard yet, but in the manner it was presented, it allowed me to join some previously un-related ideas into something I wish to explore more deeply. If you are beginning in the field of sound healing or energy healing this book has great entry level information.

Great book for those pursuing entry into sound healing and those looking to expand their intuitive awareness skills while healing with sound

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