Book Review: Music and Its Secret Influence

Music and Its Secret Influence – Throughout the Ages – Cyril Scott

Popular Media would never presume to touch the topics that are eloquently presented by Mr. Scott. The simple fact is, music among the other creative arts, has a compelling influence in our lives. While the esoteric traditions of music have been obscured in symbols and hidden from common knowledge, the secret influence has prevailed

The information in this book should be read and studied by everyone interested in music, music healing and politics for that matter.

Music has a very potent, albeit subtle influence on our psyches. The ideas in this book are revolutionary and insightful. Readers of this text are likely to feel compelled to donate to the arts and lobby for their inclusion in public schools. This book will challenge you to question what you think you know and encourage you to look closer at some classical composers. An intriguing look at how music shaped society, or more likely, how music shaped us. A must read for Spiritual Seekers, History Buffs and musicians alike, This book will challenge what you think! Excellent Read!

Music and Its Secret Influence: Throughout the Ages by Cyril Scott

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