The ocean of sound awaits you

Translated from the original Sanskrit by Dr Lorin Roche in The Radiance Sutras

Beloved, listen

The Ocean of Sound is inviting you

Into its spacious embrace,

Calling you home,

Find that exuberant vibration

Rising new in every moment,

Humming in your secret places,

Resounding through the channels of delight.

Know you are flooded by it always

Float with the sound

Melt with it into divine silence

The Sacred Power of Space will carry you

Into the dancing radiant emptiness

That is the source of all

Sutra 60, from the Vienna Bhairava Tantra (800 CE) Translated by Dr Lorin Roche in the Radiance Sutras

I have personally felt the power of sound, I have been healed by it. My body has been moved by it, my heart and soul have been soothed by it. I am an agnostic seeker of answers. I believe only what my body innately tells me is true. I have experienced healing through sound. I have found spirituality in music. This is my journey into the healing power of sound.

Follow me as I review books, review practices and explore the mystery of sound.

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