Book Review: The Sound of Healing

Wholetones: the sound of healing by Michael S. Tyrell

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Tyrrell spent much time developing this system of Tones, searching for the Tones used by King David to Worship God. He calls them whole tones, they are essentially based on the Solfeggio Scale.
If you are interested in Numbers and numerology, you will find his search for these Whole tones interesting as he uses some numerological concepts (Sacred Geometry) to determine the tones he uses in his system. The tones are not unique to Tyrrell however, and there are many who have discovered the power or at least the mystery of the Solfeggio scale.

I found this book extremely difficult to get through as it is oozing with Biblical quotes. As an agnostic seeker, I found the emphasis of God in this book a little unpalatable, I imagine any musician whom is also a Christian seeker may find these quotes interesting, but for a New Age thinker as myself, it was a bit too much, I ended up skipping most of the text, looking for the meat on the Solfeggio scales, which never really presented themselves in the depth I would have hoped discussing the power of sound healing.

I was incredulous of some of the Subjective stories presented as examples of the power of the tones. This too may the text difficult to read. Overall, I was disappointed with this book, the book is nothing more than a sales funnel to interest you in the accompanying CD Set, with a 22 minute recording of music in the reportedly healing tones. Despite my disappointment with the book, I enjoy the CDs very much. They are certainly relaxing and can be enjoyed while working, while driving, or any other activity. I Indeed felt calm, and relaxed while listening yet remained fully alert to what I was doing. I recommend the music CDs for anyone interested in sound healing, particularly anyone interested in Solfeggio Tones and anyone trying to carve out a serene soundscape. However, don’t waste your time with the book. Unless you are a Bible thumper, I find the Biblical references too much to digest in a book purportedly about sound healing.

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