Book Review: Healing at the Speed of Sound

Healing at the Speed of Sound – How what we hear transforms our brains and our lives – By

Don Campbell

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Don Campbell is one of my favorite authors. With this book, he does not disappoint. A well researched examination into the effects of sound on our wellbeing. Campbell provides accompanied audio files online to help you completely understand the impact of your sonic environment. As a sonic healer and sound researcher, I am fascinated by any book that delves into the mystery and magic of sound. What Campbell gives is a lot of food for thought into the sound in our environment impacts us, whether we recognizes it or not. Campbell encourages us to become more sound aware, a notion I hold near and dear to myself as a sonic healer.

Campbell does not shy away from the detrimental effects of sound, something many books on the topic do not touch upon. Having a more thorough understanding of our sound environment encourages us to be more mindful of what we put into our ears. A thoughtful and approachable read, packed with valuable information and research. While I have always innately understood the healing power of sound, prior to reading this book, I did not give much thought to the sonic environments I put myself in. I have always shied away from loud, crowded places, perhaps I instinctively knew the psycho-somatic impact these places had on me.

Campbell encourages us to create a sound diet, something I have done with playlists and mix tapes my entire life. But, his suggestions pay more attention to the spaces in between the emotions. Unlike my cathartic playlists, Campbell encourages us to create soundscapes to set the mood and stage for the moments in between.

An approachable read, for any one who loves music. Highly encouraged for all healersand educators; consider the sonic environment in your practice, your schools and hospitals. Must read for all sound healers!

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