Book Review: The Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell

When this book was originally written, it inspired a bunch of Mozart Music to fly off the shelves and a Generation of Babies was raised to Mozarts classical lullabies. While much of the information in this book is subjective and anecdotal, this generation of Mozart babies is only now reaching adulthood and the long-term benefits of Mozart playing our babies to sleep remains to be assessed. Anecdotally, My first born, whom was raised in this Mozart Lullaby generation is a Genius, his brain is primed for Math and Science and he is currently studying mechanical engineering in college. (Sorry, proud mom moment)

I would have liked more about the specific healing of music and obviously more support to back up the statements he claims in the book. While the book addresses mental, physical, emotional and physical healing anecdotes the research is vague and anecdotal. I have however, very much enjoyed Campbells campy approach and found it an easy read. Science has advanced much since this book was written it would be a fantastic book to update with current research to make its case presentations more palatable to the scientific community.

With that said, this book was a jumping off point for me. I have always innately known music to be a powerful therapeutic modality, this book renewed my interest into research and development in this field.

The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit by Don G. Campbell

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