Book Review: This is your brain on Music

This is your brain on Music – The Science of a Human Obsession- By Daniel Levitin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The information presented in this book is valuable. Unless you are engrossed in the neurobiology of music’s effects, I think most readers will find the book dry to read. Levitin is infectious about his topic which makes you want to keep reading, but it is a complex and difficult topic to address while still maintaining the average reader’s attention.

I think this book was an ambitious undertaking, and I admire Levitin for attempting to make a very complex topic interesting to the average reader. As someone below said, A for effort and C for execution. This is a treasure chest of information for the sonic healer, but it is not necessarily approachable, unless you are hungry for the science of it.

I think Levitin tries to hard to meet the needs of the average reader and the scientist in this book and unfortunately falls slightly short. The science is detailed but interesting, but you have to really want the information to get through the book. I wanted to like this book, I really did, it is a valuable compendium on the scientific basis for sound healing, unfortunately, giving this book a 4 is a stretch.

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