Book Review: Gong Consciousness

Gong Consciousness – Self Healing Through the Power of Sound – Jain Wells

Gong Consciousness, as described by Wells, is a “Highly awakened state of consciousness, where you are aware of the present moment. You are alert and undistracted, you are freely available to notice what arises on your life-screen at any given moment.”

What Wells describes is more than a therapeutic modality for healing the body and what ails the mind, but a sort of meditation that comes from allowing the sound to envelope you. She describes Gong Meditation as accelerated Meditation, because the rich overtones of the Gong provide healing vibrations that heal the body, sooth the soul and allow the spirit to soar.

As a believer in sonic healing and a follower of the Gong Consciousness ideals, I believe Wells provides an excellent introduction to sound as a healing modality & for using the gong as instrument of healing and mediation. Additionally, this book provides some excellent exercises, a gong-purchasing guide and a brief overview of gong playing techniques and giving sound baths.

I wanted to see more instruction on creating sound baths, but Wells packs a lot of information into this book. There is even a Gong Master Trainer Appenedix in the back for those interested in learning more. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend to anyone in a sonic healing capacity, yogis and others who may be interested in using sound meditation as part of their overall system of wellness.

Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound by Jain Wells Ph.D.

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