Book Review: Divine Attunement

Divine Attunement – Music as a Path to Wisdom By Yuval Ron

As a spiritual seeker and musician, I find this book to be a beautiful addition to my library. His view on music as a spiritual component dissolves the dogmatic boundaries of politics and religion and his music offers you the chance to stretch the Western ear and dissolve into the spiritual sound of Middle Eastern Music. Due to events in the world recently, many of us find a palpable reaction in our bodies to the certain sounds of the Middle East. But, if we open our minds and our ears and just listen, we can hear a commonality in song, a beautiful golden thread of emotion that strings together a beautiful tapestry. Ron is a teacher and mystic who offers a look at both Sufism and Hassidism. He is a story teller, who tells a beautiful story with his oud. You do not need to know the language to feel his emotion, his passion. Beyond Religion, Ron teaches us that music is a portal to the divine. With his blend of history, music, psychology and neuroscience, he provides a compelling argument that music is that golden thread that unites us in our humanity. Music, as the expression of spirit is a language without words. An advocate for peace, Ron takes his musicianship seriously and uses his voice to advocate for peace using music to weave his mysticism. Ron provided me with missing knowledge in my studies of musical spirituality by detailing Andalusion and Spanish folk music. Having read this book, I sought out his music. Listening to The Music of the Yuval Ron Ensemble is like floating on a cloud. Having red some reviews of this book, I look forward to seeing his Ensemble in person. His is a message I can get behind. Music is a portal to the divine. This book is recommended for those who love music, musicology, musical mysticism, spirituality, this book is a beautiful book to add to your collection.

Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom by Yuval Ron

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    1. Music re-opened the door to spirituality for me, a door that had been closed for a very long time. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

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