Book Review: The healing forces of harmonic sounds and vibrations

The Healing forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations by Jay Emmanuel Morales

This is an important book, packed with lots of details about sound healing using harmonic sound and vibrations. The book has a decent review into the history, science and medicine of sound healing. Emmanuel breaks down this complex topic and provides a comprehensive overview for the average reader. I cannot overstate the value of all the information in this book, it makes an excellent reference for sound and vibrational healers as well as anyone else interested in the topic. 

I bounced around between 3 and 4 stars on this one, the text is repetitive and the author frequency says the same thing. This book is also meant to be a funnel to get you to buy his music, which is mentioned in practically every paragraph and bolded for emphasis. I have ordered the CD, and edit my review after hearing it, because the value of the information contained in this book, albeit repetitive is invaluable, and I thought the sounds were worthy of giving a listen. With that said, the emphasis on his personal CD is distracting from all the great information that surrounds it. By pushing his own product, he neglects to consider many of the other potential healing modalities available in the sonic healing world. Even though the constant reference to his CD was distracting, the information is so valuable, I finally settled on 4 stars. This book is excellent reference material for sonic healing practices. If you can get past the pushing of his own CD, the science is solid if not succinct and the explanations are approachable. Must read for all sound healers.

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