Sound Healer.. Jack of all trades

Healing with sound is such a vast topic. In order to fully research, investigate and use the power of sound and music as therapuetic tools, according to Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman, one would need expertise in the following areas

Medicine – to understand the mechanisms of the body (including chiropractics)

Physics – To understand the mechanisms of energy

Psychiatry – to understand the process of behavior

Psychoacoustics– To understand the effects of sound upon the ear and brain

Audiology – to understand the mechanism of the ear

Math – to understand the mathematics of music

Language – To understand the study of language and speech

Neurology– To understand the effects of sound upon the nervous system and the brain

Electrical Engineering – To be able to build different instruments for creating and measuring sound and music

Philosophy– To understand concepts behind music’s creation and use

Traditional Chinese Medicine – To understand meridians and points

Esoteric practices – Trained in the occult

Shamanic Practices– Able to induce and travel to different states of consciousness

Healing – Trained in all traditions (Like Ayurveda)

In addition to being trained as a musician, vocalist, drummer (rhythm) magician and psychic.

To that list, I would add quantum studies, Theology, and specify a few areas in medicine such as biochemistry and endocrinology off the top of my head

For the past year, I have been overwhelmed with all this information as I embarked on this journey, trying to sort through thousands of years of information to glean the most valuable and experiential of them all. I delved into ethnomusicology, spirituality and all the various topic I mentioned above. I could not determine where to start; trying to explain all that I have learned. I was frozen with over-information. Tomorrow, I look to start anew, with a focused review of the information from the perspective of personal experience.

Next week, we begin our journey into sound healing from a listener’s perspective. Join me as I partake in daily listening practices aimed at teaching us how to listen again, to really listen. This will prep us for July, as we will focus on exercises that employ the voice as a healing instrument.

For those of you who have been with me for a little while, I will start fresh next week with renewed interest in sound healing as an experiential journey. Stay tuned.

Jonathan Goldman is a Sound Healing Pioneer. I created a playlist of his music great for sonic meditation, ecstatic dance, yoga, and intentional soundscapes. Check it out here: 7 Secrets of Sound Healing

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