Book Review:Song of the Spine

Song of the Spine- Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy – June Leslie Wieder, D.C

Wieder take us on s brief journey through this history of sound healing, followed a tiny look at a few instruments used in sound healing practices. She describes the ideas of sympathetic resonance and entrainment in an easily digestible fashion. She discusses concepts of chanting and overtones in a way that is extremely approachable to the average reader, but without putting off the expert.

She provides a comprehensive review of some difficult and heavy topics, such as string theory, neurobiology and applied kinesiology. The information is solid and scientific yet it is based on ancient esoteric and unorthodox theory. It is a fascinating read for anyone in the healing fields; specifically medicine, massage, sound therapy, acupuncture.

This book is an art in itself in that it makes a heavy complicated topic and makes it accessible to the average person without losing the interest of her peers and other experts. Her background in chiropractics and acupuncture make her an excellent teacher of the relevant relationship between our body and mind.

Wieder discovered the vibrational frequency of each the spine’s vertebrae. This handy little chart is a guide for energy healing practitioners to use in their application tuning forks and other sonic healing instruments.

While medicine has not yet accepted the ideas of chiropractors and manipulating the subtle energy fields as sound medicine (no pun intended) This book is absolutely on the forefront of bringing medicine and the esoteric back together in a complementary fashion (Perhaps as the caduceus symbol intends?) The spine is the union of the snake, Perhaps the soundwave that began it all for each of us. This book has been an incredible step in my journey, helping to link specific eastern teaching about meridians and chakras with western medical teachings such as neurobiology, anatomy and physiology. If you are a vibrational healer, this book must be on your bookshelf!

Song of the Spine by June Wieder

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