Book Review: Gong Yoga

Gong Yoga – Healing and Enlightenment through Sound – by Methab Benton

Playing the gong, while mostly an intuitive venture can be intimidating at first. The gong is capable of producing a powerful sound with complex overtones yet, playing it skillfully requires a gentle finesse.

This book is an excellent introduction to the Gong and using the gong as a Yoga instrument. It provides a step-by-step guide to familiarize yourself with the gong and ease into the playing process. It also provides a detailed explanation of how to run a yoga class inclusive of the gong.

It is difficult to encounter the gong without being curious of her mysteries. The hypnotic sound is captivating. But to heal with the gong effectively, it is best to understand the human bio-energetic system and the concept of sympathetic resonance. Without getting into the technicalities and science of it, this book is approachable to the entry level sound healer.

This book is a must read, for anyone who is interested in the gong and highly recommended for all sound healers. It is also recommend for anyone who seeks a way to meditate, using the power of sound and of course Yogis as well.

Gong Yoga: Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound by Mehtab Benton

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