Listening Exercise: Listening to the breath

For the past 2 days, we have given you listening exercises that focus on external sounds, we learned how quickly our miraculous body converts the soundwave to mechanical energy, before converting it to a nerve impulse that travels to the brain in the form of chemical information.

One of the primary techniques teaching meditation is to use the breath as a focal point. Deep listening is an acquired skill, it requires practice.

Listening Exercise  Find yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes Listen for your breath. Find the sound of the inhale and follow up the breath as it circulates the body, follow it as it travels through your body, invorgorating each cell. 

Where does your breath stop? Are you belly breathing, or does your breath get stuck in your chest? Let your attention travel with the breath as it quickly fills your cells with oxygen, transported through the blood to each part of your being. Follow the sound of the exhale as it returns to where it came and exits your body before exiting your nose or mouth. Breathe in deeply through the nose, exhale through the mouth, follow each breath as it circulates around your body.

Continue this exercise for about 20 minutes. If thoughts arise while you are trying to focus on the breath, do not struggle against them, acknowledge them and release them from your awareness, bringing your attention back to the breath.

This skill youve just practiced is an essential mindfulness skill. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, surrounded by chaos, bringing your attention back to the breath, keeps you present in the current moment. As you continue practicing this exercise, it will continue to get easier. Just bring your awareness to the breath and let the thoughts simply cross over your awareness without latching on to them, just let them go.

How did you feel? How long were you able to keep your awareness on the breath?

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