Meaningful Listening: Feeling Music

This month we are explore listening, this implies more than just hearing, but listening means that we receiving and comprehending what we have heard. As we progress through the exercises this month, we will also learn how sound is more than mechanical energy. Sound also has an impact on how we perceive the message, in other words, sound, has the power to manipulate our emotions. We are all innately familiar with the concept of music as the language of the heart. In his book, THe Healing Energies of Music, Hal Lingerman teaches us how to prepare ourselves to receive the healing energies of music.

“The Angels came to visit us, and we know them only after they are gone”


Lingerman explains that by taking the time to prepare before receiving music, we allow the music to use us as a vessel, the music will play through you. This he says allows us to receive the full power and beauty of great music by learning better how to relax and connect with the melody we are hearing. He provides us with these ten Keys for a more meaningful listening experience”

Ten Keys to a more meaningful Listening Experience

Before Listening

1. Sit quietly for a moment and bring awareness to your breath While taking three deep belly breaths, tell your body to release any tension it carries. Tell your feelings to stay calm. Speak to your mind, tell it to let go of racing thoughts. Recognize the Divine Presence within

2. Express gratitude for the music you are about to experience

3. Prepare yourself to surrender to the music

While Listening

4. Release all tensions into the music. Feel the music pulling you out of negativity. Wherever you feel blocked, visualize yourself opening. Breathe deeply, taking the music in, exhale, letting tension, negativity and emotional blockages release upon exhale

5. Feel the music embrace you. Release any need to dominate or control your thoughts and emotions, allow the music to open you, revitalizing your energy. Go into the sound

6. Give into the sound. Enjoy the Journey, wherever it takes you

7. Be filled with the music, move into the mystery

8. Do not play the music for too long in one sitting

When the Music Ends

9. Sit quietly, while absorbing the music.

10. When appropriate, combine this exercise with other activities, such as journaling, meditation, dancing, sketching.

To help us get the most of our listening experience, Lingerman also offers the following suggestions:

  • Experience music in a beautiful place (Avoid clutter, heavy energy, ugliness, darkness) Seek light and color
  • Play your music in a quiet place (minimize noise and distraction)
  • Find a comfortable volume which allows you to experience the music without discomfort
  • Use quality sound equipment – Find sound systems, speakers and headphones which allow you to listen with minimal distortion. and take care of your sound equipment.

Listen behind the notes for the overtones, the larger melodies, the archetypes that the composer may have heard and brought through the composition.

This attitude of opennes and gratitude will expand the range and depth of your musical experience.

Move into the silence between the notes

In Joyful acceptance, allow the music to enter you and the healing vibrations to penetrate, bringing you the greatest possile enjoyment and upliftment

Hal LIngerman- The healing energies of music

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