How sound enhances the visual

In the above video from Now You See It, video essayist Jack Nugent examinest the psychology of music in film, exploring how the human brain responds to different audio stimulation. He reviews an essay called Film Music from a 1940 Aaron Copland called Film Music, in which the renowned composer covers “five ways in which music is used in film.” The five ways are:

  1. Creating a more convincing atmosphere of time and place.
  2. Underlining psychological refinements
  3. Serving as a kind of neutral background filler.
  4. Building a sense of continuity.
  5. Underpinning the theatrical build-up of a scene, and rounding it off with a sense of finality.

Do you pay attention to the sound track and score when watching a movie?

How does the music enhance or detract from the story?

How important is the music to the psychological response you have when watching the movie? If you watch the movie without the sound, does it change the message? Share your experience! We love to hear from you!

What movie did you try? How does the sound impact your emotions while watching?

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