Listening Exercise: Belly Breathing

You may wonder what belly breathing has to do with listening…

Yesterday we focused on counting the beats of our breath. We are learning to use our breath as a focal point for our concentration, This is a mindfulness exercise.

First, we learned to focus on the breath, in its natural state, by just following the sound of the breath and feeling the breath as it travels around the body before our exhale propels it into the atmosphere to mingle with the breath of every other living soul.

Yesterday, we added a rhythm to our breathing, counting 4 beats for the inhale, hold for four, exhale for four beats and hold for four on the exhale.

This exercise is mindfulness training and can give us immediate stress relief, simply by drawing our focus back to the breath and letting it linger there as the breath oxygenates our blood and travels our body.

Yesterday, I asked you to ensure the breath reaches to belly.

Today, feel the breath in the belly, hold it there for your 4 beat count and then exhale slowly, feeling the air traverse from belly back to your exhale.

As you feel your breath oxygenate your cells, listen carefully, can you hear your internal sounds? Can you hear your blood moving, your heart pumping?

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