If the voice is the most powerful healing instrument in our arsenal than overtoning is the most powerful application of that instrument.

Overtoning is the practice of vocally sounding two or more tones simultaneously. In musical terminology, the overtone series indicates tones that are mathematically proportional to the fundamental tone.

According to sound researchers, listening to overtones can have enormous health benefits. Because overtones are simply sounds working in harmony to create rich layered sounds, when we listen to them, we employ more of our listening as our brain tries to analyze and calculate each mathematical value or tone. Because the brain becomes distracted, if you will, with all that analysis, we are able to transcend our analytical selves and access our intuitive higher faculties.

Listening to these rich harmonics has shown the following benefits:

Enhancing memory

Reducing Stress

Growing Brain Cells

Charging the brain

Regenerating the body systems

Creating new Neural pathways

Stimulating enhanced immune function

improving spinal fluid

expanding consciousness

It would seem that sound nourishes the body and the brain, provides emotional catharsis while giving the spirit creative expression. Whether we express ourselves with our hands or our voices, we engage higher faculties when expressing ourselves from a place of authenticity.

Later on, we will explore vocal toning overtones, for now, try to really engage your active listening skills . The more actively you engage with music, the greater the enhancements it can brimg to your life.

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