Learning to Listen

Yesterday, we began our exploration into listening, I asked you to take notice of the language you choose when acknowledging to someone that you understand what they have said. What did you find out? Did you learn that you are visually oriented? Maybe you found out that you were kinesthetic. Did you think about how you like to learn? Do you prefer to read? Listen? Hands-on? These can all be valuable clues to understanding how our brain prefers to process information. I prefer to read things and then do them myself. This makes me a kinesthetic learner. My brain prefers first-hand experience over any other processing style.

Since we are talking about sound healing it makes sense that we start paying attention to how we process the information we hear.

Todays Exercise is simple and requires about ten minutes, but the longer you do it, the more information you will glean.

Sit quietly somewhere and make yourself comfortable. I chose to sit on my lanai (Hawaiian word for patio) for this exercise.

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and listen to the sounds all around you. What do you hear? If you are inside, you may hear the white noise drone of your air conditioner or refrigerator. Perhaps the whirring of your celing fan. If you are outside, like me, you may hear the wind chimes, bird song, traffic, children playing.

Just spend some time listening. As you listen, pay attention to how your brain is processing this information. Are you labeling everything you hear?

When you hear the sound, take notice, if your body reacts to any of the sounds. Do any sounds make you feel calm and relaxed? Are there other sounds that make you tense up?

Breathe deeply and listen some more. After all the sounds have been inventoried and catalogued by the brain, does it relax? Does it start to chatter? Pay attention to your relationship with sound. Do you enjoy the quiet? do you require noise to feel comfortable? Make note of any feelings you have about sound.

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