Learning to Listen

Now that we understand how soundwaves enter the ear and converts to mechanical energy which causes the inner and middle ear to vibrate before converting the frequency to chemical signals to transfer the information to the ear for interpretation. This happens rapidly without the need for consciousness.

In yesterday’s listening exercise, we listened deeply, recognizing how quickly our brain catalogs the information in order to activate necessary action.

Today, we will do a similar exercise:

Listening Exercise

Find a place to sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you.

First listen for the sounds in your immediate area, you may hear electronics buzzing, birds singing etc.

Expand your listening wider and listen for sounds that are farther away, traffic moving, dogs barking, sirens, birds

Can you expand your listening even wider now? How many things can you hear at once?

Now that you know how soundwaves reach the body, enter the ear and convert to chemical signals before transferring information to the brain, ponder that process as you hear sounds in your environment.

Notice how your brain labels sounds, without you actively thinking about it?
It is nearly impossible to prevent it, as soon as the frequency reaches the ear drum, the brain is ready to identify it, label it and file it away as a known sound, or activiate fight of flight response because it registers danger in the sound.

Just spend some time contemplating these sounds as they enter your consciousness. It requires no effort to identify these sounds. You don't even need to think about it.

Now, see if you can listen without labeling what you hear. Are you able to listen without naming the sounds?

This skill requires practice, if you label a sound you hear, try to release the label and percieve the sound as pure vibrations rather then labels. 

Keep practicing this skill notice how your brain tries to label everything, simply notice and let it go.

Keep practicing this skill for the next few days, this is the first step in learning to quiet the brain (Meditation).

How did you feel? Did you find it difficult to listen without labeling sounds? I would love to hear about your experience, so be sure to come back and tell me how it went.

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