Learning to Listen Series: Wired for Sound

The body is wired for sound

A study of sound healing must begin with a basic understanding of what happens when we hear. These fascinating sense organs often play second fiddle in our visually oriented world. But we are actually born, wired for sound. Take a look at some of these amazing ear facts:

  • The ear is the first sensory organ to develop in the fetus
  • The ear never stops working, even when asleep, our ears are alert
  • Each and every sound we make with the voice is dependent upon your ability to hear the sound (the sounds we make reflect the sounds we hear)
  • Similar to the way a level works, the liquid in the ear helps the brain know you are moving
  • The inner ear can also receive vibrations through the bones of the skull, through a process called bone-conduction.
  • No other sense organ can register impulses as minimal as the ear can
  • The ear is able to perceive numerical quantity and value
  • Our ears inform us more accurately than the eyes

Robert Jordain, author of “Music, the Brain and Ecstasy,” tells us:

“The rubbery mass of bulges and folds we think of as the ear is just a device to funnel sound to the real ear- the inner ear. The Pinna or outer ear is merely an amplifier for the inner ear.

Once these airwaves of sound reach the eardrum, the airwaves are converted to mechanical energy as the vibrations reach the tiny bones in the middle ear and the fluid of the inner ear begins to vibrate at the frequency it received from the eardrum, Tiny hair cells in the inner ear contain neurons that convert the signal to signals the brain can understand.

The inner ear contains thousands of cilia or hair cells that begin to vibrate inside the liquid of the inner ear. Here, the mechanical energy is converted to nerve impulses and sent to the brain in the form of chemical signal.

It took you longer to read this than it does for sound to complete this process.

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