The Principle of Rhythm

Rhythm surrounds us, it is the pulse of life. We have already established that everything that exists, is a vibration. Rhythm, as defined in music, is the element that drives the music forward. In music, and in life, rhythm stimulates energy and movement.

We are surrounded by rhythm. It is reflected in the breath, in walking, talking, chewing, sleeping, heartbeats, and even menstrual cycles. Rhythm reflects the cyclical nature of our universe. Everything we do has a rhythm to it.

Rhythm is synonymous with a pulse. It is the heartbeat of life. The life force that drives us. It is the medicine of music.

No matter what occurs, the beat goes on…

In sound healing, rhythm is the medicine that takes us out of heads and grounds us in the body. Rhythm is what moves us. It moves us to dance. It is medicine for the body.

In sound healing, rhythm is grounding. It brings our awareness out of our heads and back into our holy temples. Our body runs on rhythms, pulmonary rhythms, cardio rhythms, and circadian rhythms. Because the body functions through rhythm, the rhythm becomes medicine for the body.

As you perform each of the exercises this month, reflect on the principle of rhythm. Listen for the rhythms in your life. Find them in your routines, find them in the cyclic nature of the moon and the tides.

Later in the month, we will revisit the principle of rhythm as it pertains to the Principle of entrainment. This is the medicine of rhythm, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. As I introduce you to the various principles of sound healing, reflect upon the rhythms of your life and how sound medicine can be used in your life.

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