Listening to Speech Exercise

Earlier today, we learned that the body often gives away our true intentions, even when we try to conceal our true feelings behind our words.

When we allow ourselves to get swept away by the emotions of the moment, we end up living chaotically, reacting to the whims of our thoughts and emotions. When we bring awareness to the breath, however, we remain in control of our words and actions.

Today’s exercise is about paying attention to those qualities of sound that reflect the meaning behind the words. Today instead of finding a quiet place to sit and listen, we are going to go somewhere crowded, where a lot of people are talking at once. A mall food court or restaurant is the atmosphere you are looking for in this one.

Listening to Speech Exercise

When doing this exercise, listen to the sound of speech rather than the words.

Listen to the pitch (highest pitch/Lowest pitch)

Listen to the volume (soft/loud)

Listen to the Rhythm (fast/slow)

Listen to the length of the words

Listen to the spaces in between

Listen to how the speaker inflects their words, and how they use inflection to color the meaning or intent

Listen to each voice you can focus on, like honing in on a singular voice amidst a chorus of voices

Listen to the melody and rhythm of each voice

Listen to all the conversations at once

Listen to the symphony of voices as one sound

Try to find and listen to the silence behind the sound

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