Sonic Tonic: Aura Cleansing Meditation by Calm Whale

This is a lovely new release by Calm Whale, I enjoyed listening to this while working as it provided an excellent ambient backdrop that enabled acute focus. This means my brainwaves were probably entrained in the calmness of this music. This would be an excellent piece for Sonic meditation as well, Grab your headphones and let the music take over!

Aura Cleansing with LOVE… focus on this feeling, breathe, relax and be fully aware. The trees and water giving You healing vibrations… feeling love…. heal and clean all Your Chakras 
Thank You all for Your awareness and support …we are healing and making better each other with LOVE ♥ 

Calm Whale

This single track hour long album is an excellent piece for yoga, meditation, bodywork and the rhythm of stillness. An excellent, calm meditation will leave you with a genuine blissful state. I highly recommend this one.

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