The Four Levels of Sound

According to Indian tradition, the structure of sound was handed down from Ancient Vedic Linguists and Philosophers through the Upanishads and Vedas. This structure is an attempt to understand and codify speech as it relates to intention.

Level 1 – Subtle Level (“Para” – beyond) – This is pure intention without word, shape or form.

Level 2 – Visual Sound (Pashyanti) (Intention + Image) this occurs when we form our intention into an idea. The intention remains abstract at this point

Level 3 – Between Thought and Sound (Madhyama) (Intention + Image = Words) This is when our image takes on life and our intentions are named. Thoughts are much more concrete at this level. The words formulate in the back of the mind, becoming energy in motion

Level 4 – Utterance (Viakhari) is the actual sounding or utterance of the word formed by our intention

As we reflect on this lesson, we come to understand how words have power. They begin with intention. Intention + Breath = Energy

Stated differently; “Where our intention goes, our energy flows!”

When we speak, we go through this process rapidly progressing through each step with little consciousness of it.

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