Body Sounds Exercise

For the past week or so, we have been learning that our body is wired for sound. Every organ in the body is programmed to receive. The body is a giant receiver. We have also learned that everything is vibration and everything that vibrates has a sound. (whether or not we can hear it).

While we have come to think of this body as a receiver, we know that because it exists, it vibrates and therefore creates sound.

Today’s exercise is going to focus on listening to our own internal sounds, listening to our own vibrations.

Body Sounds Exercise

Find a place to sit quietly, without interruption

Place your fingers in your ears gently

Listen to your breath

Take three deep belly breath, listening to the journey it takes as you inhale-2-3-4, hold-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4 & Hold-2-3-4

Listen to the pulse of your heart

Listen to the hum of your electrical (nervous) system

Listen to the clatter of your joints and the rumble of your muscles

Listen to your internal orchestra (Perhaps you hear digestive processes, rising in the ears and other sounds)

Listen to your body electric as it vibrates with life

Take three more deep breaths when ready

End this exercise with gratitude, thanking your body for its song

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