Sonic Tonic: Sonic Mandala by Visionary Shamanics

In this new release by one of my favorite psytrance producers; Visionary Shamanics, we enter a cosmic jounrney incorporating sacred geometry, the four directions, msytical chants creating “Multi-dimensional sonic space mandalas”

A fusion of psytrance and world music, which appears to incorporate several sonic healing principles. If you enjoy the Trance side of music healing, these trippy tracks are a great addition to your sound healing arsenal.

Visionary Shamanics makes many hypnotic rhythms that are easily incorporated into your sonic healing practice, sound meditations, and conscious or ecstatic dance. Be sure to follow them on bandcamp to stay up on their new releases, I have loved almost everything they create. The hypnotic trance takes you on a journey out of mind and body. Enjoy!

Enter this archaic spiritual journey 
Of many layered cosmic circular patterns 
Pointing North, South, East, West 
Guiding to show the way thats best 
The mystic chants interwoven the stories told 
Sacred geometry melding with music and soul 
To emerge with sonic vibrational pigments 
Multidimensional sonic space mandalas 
In timeless mindframes the organic dreams flow 
With hyperspacial shamanic perceptions knowing

Sonic Mandala by Visionary Shamanics

Incorporating sounds from various genres and incorporating them into a fantastical journey, Visionary Shamanics does it again. A healing sonic fusion of custom sounds and rhythms. Regardless of your musical taste, you are sure to find something in this album to enjoy on your sonic healing journey.

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