Wired for Sound..

Wired for Sound

We spent last week learning about how we hear and sounds have the power to influence emotions. We also learned that the ears are incredible sensory organs that are the first to develop in utero and continue working non-stop until our last breath. More incredible than these amazing truths lies the fact that our entire bodies are wired to perceive vibrations.

In the Ancient Hindu concept, Nada Brahma, the World is Sound. The entire world is nothing more than vibration or sound. Physicists now understand this ancient concept as fact.

Nada means “sound” while Brahma is the name of the creator in Vedic Tradition, implying that God is Sound.

The sounds we hear is merely a fraction of the full spectrum of vibrations. The human hearing range lies in the 10Hz-20,00 Hz range. But there are many, many sounds outside of the human hearing spectrum. Animals, for example hear high pitched sounds which are outside the range of human hearing.

But, have you ever had goosebumps from a vibration or feeling in the air? Have you ever heard the expression “you could hear a pin drop in that room” These are indications to us that we are able to percieve vibrations outside the human range of hearing. We do so with our skin. OUr skin, is the largest sensory organ and it can detect subtle vibrations the ears cannot detect.

If sound is a form of energy caused by a vibration, then we must reconsider the kinetic energy of touch. Just as our ears are designed to interpret the vibratoins of sound, the skin and nerves are designed to interpret the vibrations of form and matter. But they also percieve inaudable vibrations from the air. People in touch with these subtle energies are able to percieve. a storm before it comes, or sense danger before it arrives, the skin can serve as a fine sensing organ if we tune into it.

The nose is designed to smell the vibrations of sound and the eyes are designed to interpret the vibrations of light. All of our organs are designed to recieve and interpret a specific set of vibrations.

“In a sense all of our sense organs, including and especially the skin are designed to perceive a specific set of sounds”

The spine, according to June Wiels in Song of the Spine, would argue that the spine is also wired for sound. Each vertebrae of the spine has its own natural frequency. When functioning properly, the spine is a finely tuned instrument designed to keep all of our internal organs vibrating at the correct frequency.

I read somewhere (Although I cannot locate my source) that the skin contains something called dermatones which are like a mini wifi transmitters which can send information directly to the spine and organs. I have to research this one more, but it sounds amazing.

I also read somewhere that the vagus nerve which is actually a bundle of nerves running up the base of the spine has a direct connection to the ear. Meaning our ears have the ability to send impulses immediately to the spinal cord. Presumably this is an evolutionary trait that enabled hearing the sound of danger to activiate the muscles through the fight or flight response. This is all very amazing if you think about it.

Sound has the ability to grab our attention immediately, (A new parent is intimately familar with this concept) no matter what we are doing. Even in our deepest sleep, our ears are alert to the sounds around us. Sound alerts us to danger so it has the ability to override the other senses. Have you ever turned down the radio to look for a house address? I often pondered how ridiculous this is but now I understand. The ears are always alert. It is difficult to override the hearing, this is why we cannot close our ears completely.

Have you ever closed your eyes to hear better? To feel something more completely?

If everything is vibration and all vibrations create a sound. The world is sound. Our bodies are wired for sound. All of our sense organs are programmed to recieve. To take in external information and interpret it. OUr bodies are giant receivers, the eyes take in light, the ears, take in sound, the skin interprets ultra sonic vibrations and the spine sings a song that programs all of the organs of the body. We have one mouth and one voice with which we project rather than receive.

Sound healers believe the cause of disease is dis-harmony. Using this one powerful voice we can alter our disharmonious vibration and restore harmony to our lives. Next month, we will visit many ways to use the voice as a healing instrument. For now, the lesson is this:

There is an old saying about two ears and one mouth… This phrase takes on new meaning when we take a moment to really conceptualize just how wired for sound we really are.

For the next 24 hours, try to set an intention to Listen. If you really want to learn from this practice take an oath of silence for 24 hours. Spend the next day only listening. How much more can we pay attention, when we are not thinking about what we want to say next? If we have nothing to say, we might as well, Listen. To the extent possible spend the day paying attention to the vibrations of life with your entire being. What can you hear? What can you sense with your other organs? Does your skin interpret ultrasonic vibrations? Be sure to come back tomorrow and tell us how it went. Did you learn anything by spending the day listening with your whole body?

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