How we​ Hear

This month we have been exploring the topic of listening as it relates to Sound Healing. Hearing is a complicated topic as it crosses the bounds of many different scientific specialties: Audiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, psychology and more. One of the most simple and straight forward explanations of how we hear is offered by Baird Hersey in his book: The Practice of Nada Yoga– Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound

How We Hear

  1. A vibration happens
  2. The vibration causes pressure waves
  3. The Pressure Waves enter the ear canal causing the eardrum to vibrate
  4. The vibrating eardrum causes the fluid-filled inner ear to vibrate
  5. If the vibration is a frequency that stimulates a hair cell within the inner ear, It produces a neurotransmitter that travels to the brain in the form of an electrical impulse
  6. The brain sorts through the electrical impulses, comparing and contrasting them with known values (previous impulses)
  7. The intellect makes a judgment call about the inbound frequencies, prioritizing which should be attended to, interpreted or acted upon
  8. Neurotransmitters are sent out to activiate the appropriate response
  9. Information from each signal is collected and stored for recall and referencing future incoming sound.

Heresy points out that our brains have instantaneous and precise routines for prioritizing information, so that we can focus our attention where necessary and filter out the rest.

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