Listening to Ambient Sound

Today’s exercise is Listening Meditation adopted from the Book: The Practice of Nada Yoga, by Baird Hersey

Ambient Sound Meditation

  • Get comfortable and bring awareness to your breath
  • Now, let your hearing focus on the sounds in your environment
  • Listen for the sound closest to you
  • Listen to the loudest sound
  • Listen for the faintest sound
  • Listen for the lowest pitch
  • Listen for the highest pitch
  • Listen for continuous Sounds
  • Listen for intermittent Sounds
  • Listen through your right ear
  • Listen through your left ear
  • Listen to the panorama of sounds mingling together in your environment
  • Let go of naming the individual sounds
  • Listen to the silence behind the sounds
  • Return your focus to the breath
  • Take a full belly breath and exhale completely
  • Repeat this breath twice more

As you go about your day, take notice of the sounds that surround you. How often do we listen to the sounds in our environment? What sounds do we routinely filter out?

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