Book Review: Sound Healing for Beginners

Sound Healing for Beginners by Joshua Goldman and Alec Sims

This is an excellent introduction to sound healing. Having read most of Jonathan’s Goldman’s work, I was not sure what would be found in a book by his son and colleague Alec Sims. I was not disappointed. While I am not clear which author contributed which chapters, the book is beautifully written, I found myself enjoying the words as much as the content. As I have reviewed many books on this topic, I was happy to read about some new things in this book. If you are familiar with Jonathan Goldman’s sound work, Joshua and Alec, while claiming to have written a book for beginners, have really created a continuation of Jonathan’s work.

This book addresses the basic concepts of sound healing from a perspective rooted in shamanic healing. Drawing from the history of several shamanic cultures, the authors take us on a journey through shamanic healing sound. The book emphasizes several things which I think are important yet oft-overlooked components of sound healing, intention, and breath. A significant portion of this book is dedicated to breathing exercises. Breath is the basis of life, without it there is no life. Yet many of us rarely breathe below the neck. The exercises in this book are excellently designed to bring awareness back to the breath and in doing so, opening up an entire world of possibilities as we combine the breath with the power of intention and travel on the sound of our own voices into other worlds.

Drawing from various cultures and esoteric practices, the authors weave together a magical book that bequests the reader to journey into the realm of sound. The entire second half of the book is dedicated to various traditions in vocal healing; chanting, humming, mantra, affirmations.

Sound+Breath+Intention= creation is the basic premise of this book

An excellent read for sound practitioners, energy healers, anyone interested in the power of sound. Particularly recommended for those interested in chanting, mantras and other forms of vocal sound healing. Beautifully written and very informative jumping off point for beginning sound healers as well as a continuation of the work done by Sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.

Sound Healing for Beginners: Using Vibration to Harmonize your Health and Wellness (For Beginners by Alec W. Sims

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