The Principle of Entrainment

This month, we have been reviewing the concept of listening. We have practiced some deep listening exercises, focused on teaching us to listen deeply, in essence allowing the music to penetrate every cell. All of this to prepare us for receiving the medicine of music.

As we begin to listen deeply to sound, we discover we have the ability to feel sound viscerally. We can allow the music to vibrate each and every cell of our being. When we allow it, the rhythm can literally move us. We have all seen someone taken by rhythm, they just start moving their body in synch with the beat. I love watching babies and animals discover rhythm, I could watch dancing animals on youtube all day!

As we discover the principles of sound healing, we learn this melding of the body with sound is based on a physics principle known as entrainment.

When one vibration resonates in synchronicity with another in response to the dominant vibration, this is known as entrainment. Stated differently, when one our body synchronizes with the music, we are entrained to it.

In this Youtube video, we see 9 metronomes each started at a different time. In less than 2 minutes, we witness all 9 metronomes swing synchrony, aptly demonstration the concept of entrainment.

Entrainment is one of the principle components of sound healing. Science has demonstrated that we can entrain the heart rhythms and brainwaves to sound. Human heart rhythm plays a vital role in producing waves of blood, which carry essential oxygen, information, and nutrients to each cell in the body. Researchers have also discovered evidence that the heart’s energetic field can also entrain the brain waves.

Take a moment to consider this, we can use sound, to impact the rhythm of our heartbeat, blood pressure, and brainwaves. As stress is one of the leading causes of disease, this means sound healing has enormous potential to impact the health and resilience of humanity in a big way.

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