Learning to Listen

Listening and hearing are different functions. Hearing is the passive ability to receive auditory information. Listening, on the other hand, involves filtering sounds, analyzing them and initiating the appropriate response. Listening is an active, refined skill set that we can actually train our brains to do better.

Sound Healing Pioneer and ear expert, Dr Alfred Tomatis believed that training the ear to actively listen rather than merely passively hearing encouraged the brain to change which he believed creates a domino effect in which the other biological systems are able to reorganize.

Tomatis identified 7 capabilities of listening that can be developed and nurtured by anyone at any age.

  • The ability to select and distinguish tonal differences – important for reading skills
  • The ability to consciously listen, attend to and focus on a specific listening task – important for developing concentration, short term memory and following directions
  • The ability to process information with both ears similarly – this helps with rhythm and organization
  • The ability to prioritize and tune into higher frequency sounds, while filtering out lower frequency sounds – this benefits both language and mood control
  • Right Ear Dominance
  • The ability to listen to healthy sound thresholds

Independent researchers have been able to confirm that cortical reorganization through altered auditory inputs can, in fact, improve reading skills among other benefits which include:

  • Improved Communication
  • Improved attention span
  • Improved Reading Comprehension
  • Improved Speech Quality
  • Improved Memory
  • Improved spelling

With this evidence it makes me wonder why there is an eternal struggle to keep music in our public schools. Music has the ability to reorganize our synapses, improving our reading, memory and learning skills.

Imagine what happens when we combine this information with frequency minded music and sacred rhythms, a powerful combination of sonic vitamins!

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