Listening Exercise: Your Body Talks

We have been focused this month on listening. Learning to listen to the sounds in our environment seems like a simple task, we hear without consciousness.

Next, we focused on listening to the breath. Paying attention to the inhale and exhale brings focus to the body. It helps to ground us in our being and brings our attention to the essence of our being, the breath.

But, the breath is not the only body sound we can listen to. The fetus hears its mothers heartbeat and the rhythmic surging of her blood through the veins. He hears her hunger growls, and yawns and all the internal sounds made by her body.

Many of us are embarrassed by the sounds our body makes as it passes gas, releases stress, and digests our food, it generates sound. We hide our sounds, we cover them up and we ignore them.

Reportedly, those who have experienced time in a sensory deprivation chamber or float tank, can hear their blood surging through their veins.

Today, as we listen to our breath and continue counting:





Listen not only to your breath, but pay attention to the other sounds. Your body communicates to you. Can you hear them? Can you hear your pulse? Can you hear your heartbeat? Can you hear any of your own rhythms? Can you hear your digestion?

Today, try to expand this exercise into your daily routine. As you go about your day, pay attention to the noises your body makes, does your body communicate with you? What is it saying?

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