Listening to our Inner Dialogue

This month, I have been introducing some of the principles of sound healing, with a primary focus on listening. Yesterday, we spent some time listening to our breath. I also introduced you to the Ujjayi breathing practice and asked you to bring awareness to the “inner ocean” while breathing.

Today, I will ask you to pay attention to your own internal dialogue. We all have inner dialogue with ourselves. At any given moment, we are rambling off to due lists, criticising ourselves, motivating, affirming, provoking, whatever your internal conversation is, today, I want you to give it your full attention.

Take note of your inner dialogue today as you go about your business. Make note of it, is it always the same voice? Whose voice is it? This isn’t a creepy question, I promise. I sometimes hear my fathers voice in my head, (usually critically) Pay attention to not just the words, but the pitch, volume, rhythm and tempo of your inner dialogue. Can you learn anything here? Are you overly critical of yourself? Could you use some affirmations in your life?

These inner dialogues are a normal part of each of us. While sometimes our inner dialogue can be overly critical, it is important to remember these inner messages always have a positive intent, to keep us safe, keep us healthy, This is why I hear my grandmothers voice when my inner dialogue reminds me to put on a hat, or zip up my jacket. At this time, my inner dialogue is an echo of my grandmother, reminding me to take care of myself. When I view this as critical, it becomes a negative message, but when I remember that our inner dialogue always has an underlying positive intent, I can ease up on myself and maybe use words that are much less harsh.

This month, we learn to listen. Next month, we will learn about all the healing qualities of the human voice. We will also learn that words have power. This includes inner words. Pay attention to your inner dialogue today and notice where you may want to change it up a bit, ease up on yourself. Critical inner dialogue is often just a reminder to be safe, stay healthy. Pay attention to your voices today. Do you need some more self care?

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