Sonic Tonic: Tribu by Giselle World

Music Medicine can be found in all cultures. Indigenous cultures were very adept at sonic healing. Using Sonic healing principles in all rituals and ceremonies to celebrate Mother earth and various human milestones, indigenous cultures were in touch with both.

In this beautiful album, Giselle Real-d’Arbelles provides her beautiful flute and vocals while teaming up with Sonic Architect: Walker Barnard for a beautiful tribal fusion called Tribu. Reminiscent of disco music with a Tribal beat, the title track is a fantastic example of the sonic journey that is Giselle World. Let the music move your feet and enjoy the journey. You are made of energy and water, let your waters flow, Let go!

This album is a journey. 
This album is part of a mission. 
This album is a prayer. 
This album is a calling for the 
unification of all tribes all over the world. 

While this album offers music inspiring people to dance, it’s also been created to have you feel, and to remember where we come from; this beautiful Mother Earth giving us everything we need and more. 
We have a duty to her. 

It reminds us of our duty to protect the water of this Earth, 
not only for ourselves, but for the future generations. 
It stresses the message that WE ARE WATER, 
and therefore we must take care of the water we carry inside of us. 

I invite you to dance. 
I invite you to sing. 
I invite you to chant. 
I invite you to pray. 
I invite you to feel. 
I invite you to celebrate. 

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