Sonic Tonic: Shakti Bass by Fractal Force

Today’s sonic tonic is a little less about rhythm and more about emotion. These tracks aim at getting to your feels.

This is a great album for both sonic meditation and conscious or ecstatic dance warmup or stillness. This set leans a little more towards the spiritual side, if you are unfamiliar with mantra music, please approach it with an open mind and just let your body feel the deep bass in your body, let it move you on a journey.

n Shakti Bass, Fractal Force invites us to slow down and feel the deep grounding low frequencies of the bass in our bodies, while the higher melodic tones of the mantras take us on a journey of ecstasy and delight. Featuring Tina Malia, Jai Uttal, Rigzin, Sonja Drakulich, Eva Om Deva, Sita Devi, Lua, and Amadora. 

Since his debut as a music producer in 2011, Fractal Force has developed a very personal style fusing the very best in modern urban beats with epic soundtrack vibes. He combines nature sounds with ethereal textures, deep dubstep bass, hip hop beats, and dramatic overtones.

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