Energy through the ears?

According to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, “The Ear Pioneer,” A little known function of the ear is to transform stimuli from our environment into energy. Sound, according to Tomatis, is a nutrient to our nervous system.

If we have come to understand sound waves as waves of energy, it sort of makes sense, the ear receives the sound wave and transforms into energy which is interpreted by the brain.

Now, when we consider the ear also controls equilibrium and movement, we can envision these sound waves entering the ear, transforming to energy, which nourishes the nervous system and activates and regulates movement. According to Tomatis, 80% of the energy the brain needs to function is provided by the ear. This is an astounding fact to consider. Now perhaps the idea of a sound diet seems logical.

How much of the sound we listen to would we consider nourishing?

According to Tomatis, higher frequencies are more nourishing to the brain than lower frequencies, which he considered depleting to brain energy.. In fact, he calls high frequencies, “Food for the Brain.” Low frequencies on the other hand are grounding, they bring awareness into the body.

Tomatis suggested a sonic diet that containsĀ a balanced mix of high and low frequencies. Because a full spectrum of high and low frequencies is needed for the ear to function properly. Since we can only make sounds we can hear, a full complement of frequencies in your sonic diet will ensure effective communication.

Now, let’s take this one step farther, if everything vibrates, everything is sound. We are made of sound. When we listen to nourishing sounds, it goes to follow that we have a sound mind and sound body.

Take a moment to consider your soundscapes, imagine how different your life could be if you put just a little more attention into what goes into your ears..

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