Book Review: The practice of Nada YOga

The Practice of Nada Yoga – Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound – Baird Hersey

Nada Yoga is essentially the Yoga of listening; The practice of listening to your inner Sacred Sounds. Nada yoga is an inward journey and therefore it is difficult to write an entire book about how to listen internally. When the Student is ready, However, the teacher appears.

The Guru in the practice of Nada yoga, is yourself. There is no step by step guide to this practice, there is no affirmation from a caring, guiding instructor, it is a solo practice.

Hersey provides some excellent exercises and other tolls to assist you on your journey into Nada Yoga along with some additive and ancillary practices (Asana, Vinyasa) that will expand your toolbox and hone your ability to focus on your inner sounds as well as some additional yogic lifestyle tips.

A difficult topic to put into a book, but this is a Noble effort and provides some excellent exercises and tips. It is not my favorite book on the topic, but it is one of only a few which attempt to delve into this practice.

When the student is Ready, the Teacher appears. This is an excellent guide for anyone interested in sound healing, Yogis and others interested in expanding their meditative practice. Enjoy the Journey!

The Practice of Nada Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound by Baird Hersey

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